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10+ Expert Tips for a Clutter-Free Home Organization

By Orgesta Tolaj


9 August 2023

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Making a mess is easy, and cleaning it up is anything but. This can come from many reasons, from not having the time to clean up around the house or just not wanting to. We totally get it! Whether it’s because of your studies, job, or time management in general, it’s quite tough to make some time to declutter and focus on home organization.

That’s where decluttering can become your best friend. Although decluttering an entire home so you can then focus on home organization in general, can seem daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a couple of tips that can help you with decluttering and home organization.

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1. Make Some Time Beforehand

Always work with your schedule. Set around 10 to 30 minutes each day for decluttering at least some part of your home. Even 5 minutes is better than nothing! Set a timer or just a mental memo, that every day at a specific time, you will be decluttering around your house. This helps your brain (and body) prepare for what’s to come.

2. Decide Where You Want to Declutter

Try to come up with a daily list of 5 things or places in your house that you plan to declutter. This can be especially helpful if you find cleaning your entire home at once a bit overwhelming. Tackle things one day at a time and you will have yourself a fool-proof way of organizing your living space.

3. Prepare Boxes and Bags

Preparing yourself for what is to come is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Knowing that your bags and boxes are ready for you to get started can work like a charm to get you started with decluttering!

4. Start with Smaller Spaces First

Don’t overwhelm yourself with big tasks immediately. Get yourself started with smaller spaces instead. This can be very helpful for when you want to feel like you have accomplished something and allow you to continue with bigger projects in the long run!

5. Tackle The Kitchen

Kitchens are usually the main space that makes a home look messy. From dishes to dish towels hanging around to even scraps of food, the kitchen is the main contributor to a cluttered household. That’s why dealing with it first is a great idea as you’ll get the chance to get rid of the most work at once. Once you’re comfortable with the smaller spaces first, tackle your kitchen next!

6. Declutter Your Pantry

Pantries tend to be filled with expired foods that we usually miss due to our busy lifestyles. That’s completely normal but it’s also important to make some time to clean up your pantry regularly as well. Decide on a specific day when you will only deal with your pantry, and declutter those pesky items that were living in there rent-free!

7. Use Separators for Drawers

Separators can be quite nifty to divide your socks and undergarments and make it easier for you to find the items you need. This method can also be used for other items such as kitchen utensils and even toiletries in your bathroom.

8. Try to Make Your Bed Daily

This is a quick and easy way to make you feel accomplished for the rest of the day. Making your bed in the morning takes less than 5 minutes and it gives you time to tackle the rest of the house later on. One item checked out of your list is a game-changer for sure!

9. Try Taking Before and After Photos

If you want to take the accomplishment to the next level, try taking a before and after photo of each space you declutter or clean. This will give you a sense of what you have achieved. You can also use the photos to motivate you to tackle other spaces as well!

10. Decide Where Your Discarded Items Will Go

Before starting your decluttering process, ask yourself where you will be sending these items to. It’s important that your clothes don’t end up in a landfill as they have a negative impact on the environment. Try asking your family members or friends if they could use any of the items. If not, opt for donating them instead.

11. Prioritize What You Use

Make a pile of things you definitely need and one for the ones you don’t. Prioritize items that you know you will use every day so that you have it easier to differentiate between what needs to be discarded and what does not.

12. … and Discard What You Don’t!

No “if’s, but’s, or maybe’s”! Some of the items in your house are definitely useless and need to go immediately. That is the only way for you to make space in your house for new and more useful items.

13. Organize by Color

This can be super helpful especially if you’re looking for a specific clothing item in your closet. Organizing by color helps you find the item you need quickly as you will know where to look immediately.

14. Utilize Vertical Storage

If you are still left with a hefty amount of items even after decluttering, try opting for vertical storage. Something you should definitely add to your household is over-the-door pocket shoe organizers. These are not only good for organizing your shoes but for storing toys, makeup, and other items as well.

15. Think of Donating Your Discarded Items

Think of donating your items instead of discarding them fully. Not only will you have a method of decluttering but your brain will also let go of things you don’t need easier as you will know that this is for a good cause.

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16. Opt for Furniture that Hides Clutter

A great number of couches and beds offer enough space under them that you can utilize for extra storage. Measure the spaces between your furniture and the ground and find boxes that can fit underneath. This way you will utilize the space for extra clutter that you are not ready to let go of yet.

17. Use Hooks and Hangers

Just like with vertical storage options, hooks and hangers can be quite helpful when it comes to getting rid of items from the floor. They are easy to apply (and renter-friendly) as they can simply be either hung or glued to your doors and walls. Use them for hanging bags and jackets that usually take up space in your closet.

18. Make a Mess First

You heard that right! Decluttering and cleaning up will make you make a mess first. That means get your hands in there and throw everything to the ground first. Afterward, you’ll be able to organize things easier with everything in front of you.

19. Memories Don’t Equal Clutter

Yes, you probably wore that top that time you went on a first date with your partner. That doesn’t mean the memory can’t exist without it! The memories are the people you are with and not the clothes you wore at the time. Gather yourself up and let go of the things that hold no sentimental value.

20. Avoid the “Maybe” Pile

This isn’t the time for a “gray area”. Convince yourself that you will either keep or discard items. If you add a “maybe” pile to the equation, you will be left with a bigger pile of mess than what you started with! A good rule of thumb is that, if you haven’t worn or used an item for over 3 years, discard it immediately!

Let us know what your favorite method of decluttering is down below! We would love to hear your tricks as well.

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