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1676 Devil Letter Written By a Possessed Nun Is Now Translated

By Orgesta Tolaj


10 July 2024

devil letter possessed nun

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Tales of possession and the paranormal have definitely intrigued us for centuries.

They spark both fear and fascination. Now, an ancient piece of writing, known as the 1676 devil letter written by a possessed nun, has been translated to shed light on a chilling chapter of history.

Are you ready to find out what it says? Be aware, and keep on reading if you are brave enough!

The Story of the Possessed Nun

In August 1676, Maria Crocifissa della Concezione, a 31-year-old nun, was discovered in her convent cell with her face covered in ink, holding a note written in a mysterious combination of symbols and letters. Moreover, she claimed the letter was penned by the devil, attempting to lure her away from God towards evil, as documented in historical records.

Devil letter possessed nun
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For centuries, a 14-line message written in jumbled script defied interpretation until researchers decoded it in 2017.

How Did They Decipher It?

In decrypting the historical message attributed to Sister Maria, Ludum Director Daniele Abate emphasized the importance of understanding the nun’s psychological profile.

Additionally, Sister Maria, who entered the Benedictine convent at age 15, was speculated to have created a unique vocabulary using ancient alphabets.

Devil letter possessed nun
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Moreover, researchers employed software to scan shorthand symbols from various languages to decipher the content of the letter accurately.

What Does the Devil Letter Say?

Researchers deciphered Sister Maria’s letter, revealing words from ancient alphabets like Greek, Latin, Runic, and Arabic. Ludum Director Daniele Abate explained their analysis involved identifying repeated syllables and symbols to develop a decryption algorithm.

Devil letter possessed nun
© Daniele Abate

Surprisingly, the nun demonstrated proficiency in languages, resulting in a more complete and meaningful message than anticipated. The letter criticized the Holy Trinity as “dead weights” and expressed provocative statements like, “God thinks he can free mortals. The system works for no one. Perhaps now, Styx is certain.”

What Does This Mean?

Styx, in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, is the river that divides the underworld from the world of the living. Ludum Director Daniele Abate noted that Sister Maria’s letter strongly suggests she was experiencing mental health issues. Additionally, historical records indicate she frequently struggled with visions of the devil, screaming and resisting nightly encounters.

The entire Devil letter is yet to be translated fully. Until then, what do you think of the translation so far? Why did the nun write this letter, to begin with? We would love to hear your theories!

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