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These 2000s Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback

By Orgesta Tolaj


13 September 2023

2000s fashion trends outfits

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Whether you absolutely love the Y2K craze or want to bury your 2000s high school fashion pics to ashes, these 2000s fashion trends are here to stay.

Get ready to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” because these 2000s Fashion trends are making a comeback! Time to dust off those Von Dutch caps as we take a trip down fashion memory lane where flip phones defined an era!

The Revival of 2000s Fashion Trends

Step into the fashion time machine, where crop tops, oversized sunglasses, and choker necklaces are just a few of the 2000s fashion trends making a stylish comeback. In this fun flashback, we will explore 11 iconic trends from the 2000s that celebrities are embracing, and you should too!

Bolero Tops

Bolero tops or shrugs, in various materials, colors, textures, and prints, are back in vogue. They are versatile, airy, and perfect for adding a touch of dynamism to your outfits.

bolero tops
© ellawesttdepop, simply.cie / Instagram

Baguette Bags

These compact yet stylish bags have resurfaced, thanks in part to the influence of TV shows like “Sex and the City.” They’re practical and can hold your essentials while adding personality to your ensemble.

baguette bag
©lame.cobain / Instagram

Bandeau Tops

These ’80s-inspired tops are functional, especially for summer, and pair well with various jewelry. They highlight curves and look fantastic with low-rise jeans.

bandeu tops
© murphzzzzz / Instagram

Platform Shoes

The ’90s platform shoe trend is making a strong comeback, seen in celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Hailey Bieber. They are versatile, complementing both dresses and jeans.

platform shoes
© y2kfash10n / Instagram


Denim vests reminiscent of the 2000s are back. They pair well with crop tops or lacy tops and are perfect for layering during colder months.

denim vest
© naomiroestel / Instagram

Bucket Hats

A debate rages on whether bucket hats belong to the ’90s or 2000s, but they’re undoubtedly back in style. Pastels and vibrant colors are popular choices for these statement pieces.

bucket hat
© simply.cie / Instagram

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees with subtle or bold designs are back, offering versatility for minimalist or statement-making outfits. They come in various colors and styles for experimentation.

graphic tee
© ak4yla / Instagram

Belly Chains

Belly chains and waistbands are trending, adding sophistication to outfits, especially with the return of low-rise jeans.

belly chain
© sp4cetown / Instagram

Cargo Pants

Cargo trousers, a staple of early 2000s fashion, are back. Neutral shades like gray, sage, beige, tan, and khaki provide numerous outfit possibilities.

cargo pants
© 5.o9am / Instagram

Pleated and Micro Mini Skirts

Micro mini skirts, made famous by Paris Hilton, are making a comeback. Pleated skirts, reminiscent of tennis attire, capture the early 2000s look.

mini skirt
© pariposts / Instagram

Bedazzled Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses with colorful tints, reminiscent of the 2000s, are back in vogue. Yellow, pink, and brown are popular choices for lenses.

bedazzled sunglasses
© jennylinnnn / Instagram

Fashion is definitely all about having fun, so the revival of the 2000s fashion trends was way too long overdue. Follow your favorite celebrities and give the Y2K look a try!

Feel free to tell us whether we have missed any iconic 2000s fashion items down below!

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