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After Judge Attack, She Orders Him to Appear Before Her

By Albulena Murturi


15 January 2024

Judge attack

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The Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas became the epicenter of a shocking incident. Last week when Deobra Redden, a 30-year-old defendant, leaped over a courtroom table and attacked Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing. The dramatic scene unfolded on January 3, leaving the judge and a courtroom marshal injured but alive. Redden, who faced charges of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, now faces additional charges, including attempted murder. This article explores the details of the incident, the aftermath, and the legal consequences for the assailant.

The Judge Attack Background

Redden’s court appearance last week was related to a battery case, and he, along with his attorney, sought probation instead of imprisonment. They argued that he was turning his life around with a new job and plans to resume education. However, Judge Holthus, upon reading Redden’s criminal history, which included felonies, misdemeanors, domestic violence incidents, robberies, and attempted home invasion, decided that it was time for him to face the consequences.

Judge attack
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The Attack Unfolds

“I’m not a rebellious person, but if it’s appropriate for you then you have to do what you have to do,” said Redeb trying to defend himself.” He described himself as a ‘person who never stops trying to do the right thing no matter how hard it is’.

After hearing the defendant, the judge claimed: “I think it’s time he got a taste of something else because I just can’t with that history.”

As the judge announced her decision to impose a prison sentence, Redden screamed “F**k that b*tch!” and erupted in profanity. He charged towards her, leaping over the courtroom bench ‘Superman’ style.

The shocking attack left Judge Holthus on the ground. A chaotic brawl ensued as court officials and attendees rushed to restrain Redden. He continued to throw punches shouting, “F**k you both!” The courtroom marshal suffered injuries during the struggle.

Holthus, although shaken and injured, returned to work by the end of the week. She said, “For purposes of the record, I want to make it clear that I am not changing or modifying the sentence I was in the process of imposing last week before I was interrupted by defendant’s actions.”

Judge attack
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The incident, captured on video, went viral, prompting discussions about courtroom security and the safety of legal professionals.

Redden’s swift arrest led to a flurry of charges, including attempted murder, battery on a protected person, battery of an officer, and other offenses. A criminal complaint details the violent nature of the attack, describing how Redden grabbed, pulled hair, placed hands around the judge’s throat, and hit her on the head. The court marshal and other court officials also became victims of Redden’s aggression, resulting in additional charges.

Judge attack
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A Different Judge Takes Charge

On Tuesday, Redden appeared before a different judge for the new charges. The preliminary hearing was set for February 14. This will be marking the beginning of legal proceedings that will determine the consequences of Redden’s violent actions.

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Judge Holthus’s Strong Message

Despite the shocking attack, Judge Holthus demonstrated resilience by returning to work promptly. In a notable move, she ordered officers to bring Redden to court “by any and all means necessary” after the incident, signaling her commitment to ensuring justice prevails. The court’s spokesperson mentioned ongoing reviews of protocols to enhance the safety of the judiciary, the public, and court employees.

The courtroom attack in Las Vegas serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by judges and courtroom officials. The aftermath of the incident raises questions about courtroom security measures and highlights the resilience of the justice system in the face of adversity. As legal proceedings unfold, the case of Deobra Redden will undoubtedly be closely watched. It sheds light on the importance of maintaining a secure environment within courtrooms across the nation.

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