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60-Year-Old Woman Wins Miss Universe Buenos Aires

By Orgesta Tolaj


8 May 2024

60-year-old Miss Universe

© Miss Universe

Who says beauty and grace have an age limit? Age is truly just a number, as proven by the recent crowning of a 60-year-old woman as Miss Universe. Beauty pageants have long been criticized for promoting unrealistic standards of beauty and youth. However, with the victory of a 60-year-old Miss Universe, the industry is taking a step towards inclusivity and representation of women of all ages.

The First Ever 60-Year-Old Miss Universe Winner

Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez won the Miss Universe pageant after age restrictions were lifted, allowing contestants above 18 to compete. Originally from La Plata, Argentina, she is not only a beauty queen but also a lawyer and journalist. Alejandra is the first woman in her age group to win the prestigious Miss Universe title, a historic milestone in beauty pageant history.

Videos on social media demonstrate Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez’s strong determination. She is currently preparing to compete for the title of Miss Universe Argentina, scheduled for May 2024. Moreover, if she wins, Rodriguez will represent Argentina at the Miss Universe World contest in Mexico on September 28, 2024.

60-year-old Miss Universe
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What Did She Have to Say About Being the First 60-Year-Old to Become Miss Universe?

After her win, Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez expressed excitement, saying, “I am thrilled to represent this new paradigm in beauty pageants, celebrating not just physical beauty but a wider range of values. I am the first of this generation to start with this,” Rodriguez exclaimed, expressing her excitement. Additionally, the 60-year-old lawyer and journalist credited her win to the judges acknowledging her confidence and passion to represent women of her generation.

60-year-old Miss Universe
© Miss Universe

Rodriguez emphasized her confidence and determination to represent her generation in the Miss Universe Argentina 2024 competition. Her victory not only marks a personal achievement but also signifies a significant step for the Miss Universe Organization’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity. Moreover, the removal of age limits allows women of all ages to participate, showcasing their beauty, confidence, and talent on the global stage.

60-year-old Miss Universe
© Miss Universe

Why Is This a Big Deal?

In a significant shift, the Miss Universe organization removed age limits for contestants, allowing women over 18 to compete, breaking from the previous 18–28 age restriction. Additionally, among notable participants is Haidy Cruz, aged 47, representing the Dominican Republic in Miss Universe 2024.

Miss Universe 2024 is set to take place in Mexico, marking the fifth time the country has hosted the pageant. Previous editions were held in Mexico in 2007, 1993, 1989, and 1978.

What do you think of the 60-year-old Miss Universe? Did she deserve the win?

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