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Artist Created Rainbow Bridge in Lake Lure to Remember Pets

By Orgesta Tolaj


11 December 2023

rainbow bridge in lake lure

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Hidden away in the enchanting, beautiful scenery, the Rainbow Bridge in Lake Lure has opened its doors for people who want to remember their late pets. It is a gorgeous and breath-taking sight to see, while you get an opportunity to be alone and talk to your pets. Because who really is ready to let go of their beloved pets? And the good news is, you will never have to.

Rainbow Bridge in Lake Lure

The Rainbow Bridge is located beneath the Flowering Bridge in Lake Lure. It is a unique and sacred space dedicated to animal lovers. It symbolizes the idea of pets crossing over after passing away, where they reunite with other beloved animals from the family and friends. The concept brings comfort and peace to those who have lost their pets. It is also attracting visitors from various parts of the country.

Amy Wald, a woodworking artist from Chimney Rock, created a real-life Rainbow Bridge after losing two pets during the pandemic. The bridge, located in Lake Lure, has drawn visitors from across the country. It is believed to be the only one of its kind. People come to hang collars of their departed pets on the bridge. This makes it a meaningful and unique place for grieving pet owners. The idea originated from Amy’s desire to provide a physical space for people to visit and find solace after losing their beloved animals.

Why Is It Named Like That?

The Rainbow Bridge, located beneath the Flowering Bridge in Lake Lure, derives its name from the poignant and widely cherished “Rainbow Bridge” poem. This heartfelt and symbolic poem is a source of comfort for many grieving pet owners. It describes a beautiful and serene place where departed pets wait for their owners. Then, together they cross the rainbow bridge into a peaceful afterlife.

Why Rainbow Bridge Is So Important?

Amy Wald emphasizes the emotional and uplifting atmosphere at the Rainbow Bridge in Lake Lure. The visitors experience a range of emotions from crying to laughter and giggles. The bridge serves as a happy and communal space for remembering departed pets. It also offers a more positive alternative to traditional markers in the ground. Amy believes the collective display of collars and tags highlights the amazing relationships people have with their animals. WLOS’s Meghan Danahey, who lost her dog Rooster, found solace in hanging his collar on the bridge. She recognized that the pets remembered there are cherished by a community of visitors.

rainbow bridge in lake lure

What Is the Bridge Like?

The original Rainbow Bridge, located beneath the Flowering Bridge in Lake Lure, is adorned with a variety of tributes such as collars, tags, chew toys, pictures, and more. The collection extends beyond dogs and cats, featuring items like a hamster wheel, a bird perch, and a rabbit statue. New railings have been added, leading down to the water’s edge, with additional planks to be installed for an extension.

rainbow bridge in lake lure

This expansion aims to accommodate the increasing number of visitors and provide a quiet space for families to spread their pet’s ashes. Adjacent to the Rainbow Bridge, there is a shaded dog garden with a “Stick Library” where dogs can borrow sticks for play. Access to the Rainbow Bridge is found by going past the gazebo from the Flowering Bridge parking lot and descending to the left.

Do you plan on visiting the Rainbow Bridge any time soon?

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