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Australians Walking Barefoot Has Tourists Questioning Their Visit

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 December 2023

Australians Walking barefoot

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Ever thought speaking the same language meant being on the same wavelength? Well, think again! Americans and Australians might share English, but cultural quirks? That’s a whole different story. TikTok tourists just stumbled onto a mind-blowing discovery, shaking up the idea that language equals instant connection. Turns out, there’s more to it than meets the eye, and it’s got people talking, and laughing!

Australians Walking Barefoot Are All Over the Internet

In the US and the UK, shoes are a must-have part of any outfit, but in Australia, it’s a different story. A TikTok account run by British travelers in Australia raised the question of why many Aussies stroll around barefoot in public. The query sparked curiosity as the travelers observed people casually walking without shoes in various places, prompting them to seek insights into this Aussie phenomenon.

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Several British and international people living in or visiting Australia have expressed surprise and even shock at the common practice of walking barefoot in public spaces. British expat Robyn Turner, residing in Melbourne, shared her astonishment in a video, noting that such a sight is uncommon in the UK. Radio host Jordana Grace described the habit as “gross and feral” in her clip. Italian tourist Sofia Saccone also found it shocking, mentioning in a video that many Australians seem to enjoy going barefoot for various activities, including grocery shopping and taking the bus, emphasizing that they are otherwise regular people. The practice appears to be a cultural difference that stands out to foreigners in Australia.

How the Internet Reacted

Aussies defending their barefoot habits as “just the Australian way,” received mixed reactions on TikTok. Some embraced the uniqueness, citing it as part of their identity. However, dissenting voices expressed discomfort, labeling it “disgusting” and highlighting safety concerns, emphasizing the potential risks of stepping on sharp objects or encountering wildlife in Australia. The debate sparked a conversation on cultural differences and personal preferences regarding footwear choices.

Why Australians Walking Barefoot Is Risky

As mentioned earlier, walking barefoot in Australia can pose several risks due to the unique environment and wildlife. However, in general, walking barefoot is not recommended. This is due to reasons such as:

1. Sharp objects

The ground may contain sharp objects like rocks, broken glass, or thorns, which can cause injuries to the feet. Without the protection of shoes, individuals are more vulnerable to cuts, punctures, or other foot injuries.

2. Infectious diseases

Certain areas may harbor bacteria or parasites that can cause infections. Walking barefoot increases the likelihood of exposure to these pathogens, leading to health issues.

3. Hot surfaces

In many parts of Australia, the ground can become extremely hot, especially during the summer months. Walking barefoot on hot surfaces increases the risk of burns and discomfort.

4. Sun exposure

The harsh Australian sun can cause sunburn, especially on unprotected feet. Prolonged sun exposure without proper footwear can lead to painful sunburns and other skin-related issues.

Would you ever consider walking around barefoot?

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