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These Are the Best Happy Songs of All Time!

By Orgesta Tolaj


12 January 2024

best happy songs

© Pharell Williams/ Coldplay, JustinTimberlake / YouTube

Feeling sad? Well as Jungkook said before, “You don’t have to feel that no more!” Feeling sad can definitely be tough and heartwrenching, however, it is important to pick yourself up again so that you can feel like yourself once more. And to do that, you might need a little help from a song or two. If that is what you are worrying about, don’t fret! We have got you covered with our list of the best happy songs ever that will instantly lift up your mood.

Best Happy Songs of All Time

These are our picks for the best happy songs of all time:

10. Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA

First, we have the song that starts it all. The lyrics of the song depict the experience of a young woman arriving in Los Angeles and feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. The chorus emphasizes the celebratory feeling of being at a party in the USA. The music video for “Party in the USA” features Miley Cyrus arriving in Los Angeles and captures the essence of the song’s theme. The video contributed to the overall visual appeal of the track.

© HollywoodRecordsVEVO

While “Party in the USA” didn’t win major awards, it received nominations and accolades, showcasing its impact on pop culture. Moreover, even years after its release, “Party in the USA” remains one of Miley Cyrus’s most recognizable and enduring songs. What’s more, is that it is often associated with the artist’s transition from her Disney Channel image to a more mature musical style.

9. I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas

The song is part of The Black Eyed Peas’ fifth studio album, “The E.N.D.” (The Energy Never Dies), which marked a shift in the group’s musical style toward a more electronic and dance-pop sound. Additionally, the album also includes other hits like “Boom Boom Pow.”

Best Happy Songs
© Black Eyed Peas / YouTube

“I Gotta Feeling” holds the record for the most downloaded song of all time in the United States. Moreover, it reached over 7 million downloads, a testament to its widespread popularity.

8. Walking On A Dream – Empire of the Sun

The duo consists of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. Their music often blends elements of electronic, synth-pop, and alternative rock, creating a unique and atmospheric sound. “Walking on a Dream” exemplifies their ability to craft immersive and ethereal sonic landscapes.

© Empire of the Sun / YouTube

The music video for “Walking on a Dream” is visually striking and complements the song’s dreamlike quality. Furthermore, filmed in various exotic locations, the video features surreal and symbolic imagery, adding to the overall mystique of the song.

7. I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown & The Famous Flames

“I Got You (I Feel Good)” was released as a single in 1965 and became a major hit. It reached the top of the Billboard R&B chart and peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Moreover, the song’s success helped solidify James Brown’s status as a prominent and important figure in the music industry.

Best Happy Songs
© JamesBrownVEVO / YouTube

The song is known for its infectious energy, driven by a lively horn section, a catchy melody, and James Brown’s dynamic and soulful vocal performance. Additionally, the upbeat tempo and positive lyrics contribute to the feel-good atmosphere of the track.

6. Boy With Luv – BTS & Halsey

To all the K-Pop fans out there, I have got your back! This list wouldn’t be complete without adding a BTS song here. “Boy with Luv” was released in April 2019 and quickly gained international attention. Moreover, the song, along with its music video, became a global phenomenon, breaking records and achieving success on various charts.

feel good music

The colorful and vibrant music video for “Boy with Luv” features intricate choreography and visually stunning scenes. Additionally, it pays homage to classic Hollywood musicals and showcases the charisma and performance skills of both BTS and Halsey.

5. Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay

Next on the list is Coldplay. The song represents a shift in Coldplay’s musical direction, incorporating more upbeat and funky elements compared to their earlier, more melodic and introspective works. “Adventure of a Lifetime” features a prominent guitar riff and a danceable rhythm.

© Coldplay / YouTube

Additionally, the accompanying music video for “Adventure of a Lifetime” features animated chimpanzees, giving the song a playful and visually engaging element. The video’s release coincided with the announcement that “A Head Full of Dreams” would be Coldplay’s final album.

4. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves

The song is characterized by its cheerful and lively sound, featuring a catchy melody and upbeat tempo. Moreover, the lyrics convey a sense of happiness and optimism, capturing the feeling of walking in the sunshine.

© KatrinaTheWavesVEVO / YouTube

While the song achieved initial success in the 1980s, “Walking on Sunshine” has endured over the years and is frequently used in various media, including movies, TV shows, commercials, and sporting events. Its timeless and joyful quality has contributed to its lasting popularity.

3. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” was released in May 2016 as the lead single from the “Trolls” soundtrack. The song quickly gained popularity and became a chart-topping hit in several countries. Additionally, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” was released in May 2016 as the lead single from the “Trolls” soundtrack. The song quickly gained popularity and became a chart-topping hit in several countries.

© Justin Timberlake / YouTube

Similar to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 89th Academy Awards in 2017. The song ultimately won the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media in 2017.

2. Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

It was released in 1988 as the lead single from his album “Simple Pleasures.” The song became a massive hit and even won the Grammy Awards for Song of the Year and Record of the Year in 1989. Moreover, one of the distinctive features of the song is that it is entirely a cappella, meaning it relies solely on vocal sounds without using traditional musical instruments. Bobby McFerrin performed all the vocals, showcasing his versatility and talent.

© The Real Bobby McFerrin / YouTube

The song is known for its upbeat and optimistic lyrics, promoting a carefree and positive attitude towards life. Additionally, the catchy chorus reinforces the message that worrying is unnecessary, and being happy is a choice.

1. Happy – Pharrell Williams

Who doesn’t get happy when they hear someone sing about the word and feeling itself? It was released in 2013 as part of the soundtrack for the animated film “Despicable Me 2.” The song gained immense popularity and became a global hit due to its catchy melody, upbeat tempo, and positive lyrics.

© Pharrell Williams / YouTube

To accompany the song, Pharrell Williams created a unique and interactive music video called “24 Hours of Happy.” Moreover, the video features people from various backgrounds dancing and lip-syncing to the song. It was designed to play continuously for 24 hours, allowing viewers to join at any point. Can’t get any happier than that now, can you?

Are there any other songs that make you happy? What did we miss on our list of the best happy songs ever? Let us know in the comments below!

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