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Bianca Censori Is Seen Walking Barefoot in Disneyland. But, Why?

By Orgesta Tolaj


19 April 2024

bianca censori barefoot disneyland

© j.ace.m / TikTok & ye / Instagram

Have you ever seen someone walking barefoot in a crowded place like Disneyland and wondered why? Well, that someone is Bianca Censori, and everyone wants to know the reason behind her choice to go shoeless in the happiest place on Earth. So, why did she do it?

Bianca Censori Seen Barefoot in Disneyland With Kanye West

Bianca Censori went on a Disneyland date with Kanye West, appearing barefoot with bandages on her feet. Kanye wore an all-white outfit, including shoes, while Bianca wore a beige bodysuit with a tan cloth over it.

Bianca Censori barefoot Disneyland
© j.ace.m / TikTok

Bianca Censori’s Disneyland date with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, stirred conversation due to her unconventional decision to go barefoot, sporting only bandages on her feet. As of now, the duo has not commented on the matter.

Bianca Censori barefoot Disneyland
© j.ace.m / TikTok

Despite being barefoot, Bianca Censori, the Yeezy architect, appeared comfortable and in good spirits while enjoying activities with West at Disneyland, such as riding a carousel. However, medical experts caution against going barefoot in public due to potential risks like cuts, bruises, infections, and diseases such as tetanus.

Bianca Censori barefoot Disneyland
© imdarthavenger / TikTok

Not the First Time Her Style Is Under Scrutiny

Bianca Censori’s bold fashion choices, often revealing, have sparked speculation since her marriage to Kanye West in December 2022. Some critics have accused West of controlling her style, with even Censori’s father expressing concerns about her attire. However, insiders argue that Censori’s fashion is a form of “performance art,” and she maintains autonomy over her choices.

controversial styling
© angelinacensori / Instagram

West has denied allegations of controlling his wife’s wardrobe. This situation draws parallels to West’s past relationship with Amber Rose, who claimed he pressured her to dress provocatively. The ongoing debate raises questions about autonomy and image within celebrity relationships.

People Also Came to His Defense

West’s musical partner Malik Yusef stated that Bianca makes her own decisions about dressing and that she and West experiment together with their style. When a paparazzo questioned West about controlling Bianca, he angrily responded, asserting his autonomy as a person and dismissing the accusation.

controversial styling
© Amina Muaddi / Instagram

Amber Rose, West’s ex, revealed feeling pressured by him to dress more provocatively during their relationship, despite her reservations. She explained that being with a celebrity in the public eye, particularly one knowledgeable about fashion like West, led to this dynamic. Despite her efforts to resist, she felt constrained by outside expectations.

Why do you think Bianca Censori walked barefoot in Disneyland? Is it simply a fashion choice, or is there something else going on?

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