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British Parrot Returns Home With a Spanish Accent

By Orgesta Tolaj


1 November 2023

British parrot returns

© Robert Casillas / Daily Breeze

Take a load of this lad! This man was more than “chuffed” to be reunited with his missing pet for more than 4 years. Nigel, the British parrot, went missing four years ago. And while some might have given their search up after a while, Darren Chick never did! (Fitting name to own a bird, isn’t it?) Mr. Chick finally got to meet up with his parrot after four years, however, there is a plot twist no one would have expected. Find out everything you need to know about the news on the British parrot returns and what gift it brought back!

Meet Nigel, the British Parrot Who Was Lost

Nigel, a pet parrot that mysteriously vanished from its home four years ago while speaking with a British accent, has experienced a remarkable reunion with its owner. What makes this story even more intriguing is that Nigel now speaks Spanish.

The heartwarming reunion came about thanks to the efforts of a Southern California vet, Teresa Micco. She stumbled upon Nigel when she mistook him for her missing bird. She then tracked his microchip to a certain Darren Chick, a British expatriate residing in Torrance.

Nigel, the British parrot returns
© Tavis Beck / Unsplash

Micco recounted the moment she approached Chick, saying: “I introduced myself and said, ‘Have you lost a bird?'” Initially, Chick responded with a perplexed “No,” but he soon realized she meant something more significant. When Micco verified Chick’s name and revealed that she had his African grey parrot, Chick was left utterly astounded.

He confirmed that his beloved parrot had vanished from his life four years earlier. This marked a heartwarming and long-awaited reunion between Nigel and his delighted owner. What’s most surprising about this reunion is that Nigel, once known for his British accent, now chatters away in Spanish. This has left everyone involved in this unique tale with a remarkable story to cherish.

Nigel, the British Parrot Returns, but Goes Back Again?

Although Nigel was found after four years, and Darren Chick of Torrance was more than excited to have his friend back in his arms, there is another plot twist waiting to happen. The reunion was tearful and lovely, however, tears were shed by someone else as well. Once Nigel returned to Darren, the Torrance family was sad to see him go. Darren could have just kept his buddy in this situation. However, he decided to give the parrot to a Torrance family who had cared for it for the past four years. This family had called the parrot Morgan and had taught it Spanish. The Torrance Daily Breeze reported that the family was heartbroken after the bird flew away from their home earlier this month.

British Parrot Re-returns

Liza Smith, a family member, explained that they had acquired the parrot at a garage sale for $400 and that her Guatemalan-born grandfather had taught it Spanish. The parrot had become a special friend to her grandfather, especially after the loss of his wife, who used to whistle tunes to the bird. Morgan also had several unique abilities, such as imitating the family’s dogs and mimicking the sounds of a trash truck.

Nigel, the British parrot returns
© Robert Casillas / Daily Breeze

The return of the parrot, now known as Nigel again, brought joy to both families, and it was a special reunion for all involved.

What would you do in this situation? Do you agree with Darren Chick’s decision to take Nigel back, or would you have kept him? Show us your thoughts in the comments below!

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