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Cardi B and Offset Have Officially Broken Up

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 December 2023

Cardi B and Offset Break Up


Time to add another couple to the master list of celebrity duos that broke up this year. This time around, to end the year with a bang, are Cardi B and Offset. The couple who made their relationship official in 2017, has broken up after 6 years together. And while many people were expecting this outcome, others were shocked to see the news.

Cardi B and Offset Break Up

The couple, who have two children together, have openly discussed the highs and lows of their relationship over the years. Cardi B and Offset, a musical power couple, have reportedly decided to part ways once again. The duo, who initially got together in early 2017 and secretly tied the knot the same year, share a five-year marriage that produced two children, daughter Kulture Kiari, 5, and son Wave Set, 2.

Throughout their relationship, Cardi B and Offset have been open about the complexities that come with fame and the ups and downs they’ve faced. Despite the challenges, the couple has displayed considerable love and support for each other.

Cardi B and Offset Break Up
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In a 2020 interview with ELLE, Cardi addressed the persistent rumors surrounding their relationship, acknowledging the drama but emphasizing the presence of love, passion, trust, and a strong friendship. She expressed a desire for people to understand the depth of their connection beyond the speculation, stating, “It’s always us against the world.”

Why Did They Break Up?

Cardi B and Offset’s recent separation has left fans speculating about the reasons behind the split. While neither party has explicitly revealed the cause, Cardi, 31, hinted at relationship troubles through cryptic messages posted on her Instagram Stories earlier this month. In one post on December 4, she wrote, “You know when you just outgrow relationships,” suggesting a sense of personal growth and change. She added, “I’m tired of protecting people’s feelings…I GOTTA PUT MYSELF FIRST,” indicating a shift in priorities.

The intrigue deepened when both Cardi and Offset, also 31, ceased following each other on social media, a move often scrutinized by fans as a potential sign of relationship issues. Offset responded to the social media shift with an Instagram Story featuring a Scarface clip where Al Pacino emphatically declares, “Hey, f— you, man! Who put this thing together? Me! Who do I trust? Me!” This post further fueled speculation about the dynamics between the couple.

What Are Insiders Saying About Cardi B and Offset’s Break Up?

Insiders have shared insights into the couple’s relationship, describing it as tumultuous with a history of breaking up and getting back together, experiences not always visible to the public. Despite their public personas and shared fame, the private struggles of Cardi B and Offset’s relationship continue to capture the curiosity of their fans.

Cardi B and Offset Break Up
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Cardi B appears to have confirmed her single status during the weekend of December 9, stating on Instagram Live that she’s been single for a while. Although representatives for the rappers did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, Cardi openly shared her feelings, expressing a desire for a fresh start in the new year. She acknowledged dropping hints about the split through social media activities like unfollowing Offset and posting cryptic messages, suggesting that her followers may have picked up on these clues. Cardi expressed excitement about the prospect of a new life and beginning, signaling a significant personal shift.

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