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Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Their Celibacy

By Medina Syla


21 May 2024

celebrities celibacy

In today’s open social climate, celebrities often share personal insights into their lives, breaking down barriers on topics that were once considered taboo.

Celibacy is one such topic that has garnered attention, with a number of high-profile figures choosing to abstain from sexual activities for periods of time, often driven by personal, spiritual, or relational reasons.

Let’s see below the list of the figures who have opened up about their celibacy!

Here Are the Figures Who Have Shared Their Celibacy Experiences:

1. Ciara and Russell Wilson

This celebrity couple famously disclosed their decision to remain celibate until marriage. During a 2015 interview at The Rock Church, Wilson revealed that they chose to focus on building their relationship without the physical aspect, which they felt would strengthen their bond and honor their faith.

celebrities celibacy
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

2. Lady Gaga

In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2010, Lady Gaga spoke about her choice to be celibate, emphasizing the importance of feeling good about oneself without the need for a sexual relationship. She promoted celibacy as a means of personal empowerment and a way to focus on individual growth.

celebrities celibacy
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

3. Jessica Simpson

Simpson has been open about her decision to wait until marriage before becoming sexually active, a personal choice she first made public during her earlier relationship with Nick Lachey. Her commitment to celibacy was based on her values and personal beliefs, which she discussed in various media interviews.

celebrities celibacy
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

4. Kevin Jonas

As one of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin wore a purity ring as a symbol of his commitment to remain celibate until marriage. His decision was part of a broader promise related to his faith and personal values, which he discussed openly in the context of his public persona.

celebrities celibacy
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

5. Carrie Underwood

The country music star was another celebrity who chose to remain celibate until her marriage to Mike Fischer in 2010. Underwood shared in interviews how she believed that this choice would strengthen her relationship and was a commitment that aligned with her personal values.

celebrities celibacy
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

Other Celebrity Voices on Celibacy

1. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

The couple shared their experience with a temporary celibacy during an Ayurvedic cleanse, noting how it enhanced their relationship afterward.

celebrities celibacy
©️ Kourtneykardash / Instagram

2. Suki Waterhouse

Before entering a relationship with Robert Pattinson, Waterhouse embraced celibacy to focus on personal clarity and self-sufficiency.

celebrities celibacy
©️ Sukiwaterhouse / Instagram

3. Yvonne Orji

The actress from “Insecure” has been open about her decision to remain celibate due to her Christian faith. Orji has shared in interviews, including on The Breakfast Club in 2016, how her faith influences her decisions and lifestyle.

celebrities celibacy
©️ yvonneorji / Instagram

4. Colton Underwood

Known as the virgin “Bachelor,” Underwood later came out as gay. And discussed how his previous celibacy was intertwined with his struggles with his sexual identity. His journey through celibacy, as he shared in interviews, was part of his larger personal struggle and his true self.

celebrities celibacy
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

5. Madison Prewett

In Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor,” Prewett was open about her choice of celibacy until marriage, which she discussed on the show. Her decision was closely tied to her faith and personal convictions.

celebrities celibacy
©️ madiprew / Instagram

These celebrities represent a spectrum of reasons and motivations for choosing celibacy, from religious beliefs and personal growth to relationship dynamics and identity exploration.

Each story adds depth to the conversation around celibacy in the public eye, illustrating that such personal choices are made within various contexts and for diverse reasons.

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