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Ciara and Russell Wilson Love Story Timeline

By The Hyperhive


26 March 2024

Ciara and Russell Wilson love story

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Ciara and Russell Wilson’s love story is nothing short of a fairytale, filled with commitment, faith, and the creation of a beautiful family. Over the past eight years, the couple has faced challenges, celebrated milestones, and welcomed four adorable children into their lives.

Let’s take a journey through their incredible story, from their serendipitous first meeting to the recent arrival of their precious daughter, Amora.

The Start of Ciara and Russell Wilson Love Story- March 2015

In March 2015, Ciara and Russell’s paths crossed shortly after Ciara’s separation from her previous fiancé, Future. Their connection was instant, as Ciara shared on the Call Her Daddy podcast, “Everything we talked about, we were aligned on. I knew I’d never felt what I felt in that moment.” This special meeting, with Ciara’s son Future Jr. in tow, set the stage for a remarkable relationship.

Ciara and Russell Wilson love story
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In a 2019 episode of Red Table Talk, Ciara shared, “It was different. I had never had that feeling in my life. It was just, like, calm. We were connecting in every way. His conversation, it was just different. The way that he looked at life was different. Also, the energy with my son, it just felt right. And of course, the consistency. He’s consistent. That consistency is so crucial.”

Public Debut and Commitment – July 2015

Making their first public appearance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in July 2015, the couple carefully guarded their romance. Russell subtly hinted at having someone special, while Ciara praised him as an “amazing guy” and “very, very intelligent.”

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Abstaining and Proposal – July 2016

Their commitment deepened as they decided to abstain from sex until marriage. Inspired by a divine message, Russell proposed to Ciara in the Seychelles in March 2016. He took to Instagram to share the good news with a caption, “She said Yes!!! Since Day 1 I knew you were the one. No Greater feeling… #TrueLove,”. The couple tied the knot a few months later in a dreamy ceremony at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

Welcoming Sienna and Expanding Horizons – April 2017

Months after their marriage, Ciara’s pregnancy was announced, leading to the birth of their daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, in April 2017. The family continued to grow, and in April 2019, they launched Why Not You Productions, showcasing their commitment to storytelling and positive change.

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Family Values and Second Pregnancy – July 2019

The couple emphasized love, communication, and taking care of each other at the 2019 ESPY Awards. Russell expressed admiration for being a stepfather, and the couple hinted at expanding their family.

Baby Win’s Arrival – January 2020

In January 2020, Ciara and Russell joyfully announced their second child’s arrival. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, they shared their positivity and appreciation for quarantine time. On July 23, 2020, they welcomed their son, Win Harrison Wilson.

Business Ventures and Fourth Pregnancy – April 2019 to August 2023

In April 2019, Ciara and Russell ventured into business together, launching Why Not You Productions and becoming team owners of the Seattle Sounders FC. They prioritized their relationship, with date nights and constant communication. In August 2023, Ciara announced her fourth pregnancy.

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Amora’s Arrival – December 2023

In December 2023, Ciara gave birth to their daughter, Amora Princess Wilson. The couple shared the joyous news on social media, with Russell posting a heartwarming photo of Ciara cradling their youngest daughter.

Reflection on Family Growth – January 2024

Ciara recently shared a touching video documenting her “9-year photo project,” showcasing the growth of her family. The clip captures moments from the early years with Future Jr. to the latest addition, Amora. The couple expressed gratitude for their expanding family and the lasting legacy they aim to create.

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Ciara and Russell Wilson’s love story is a captivating journey of love, commitment, and family growth. From the early days of their relationship to the present, the couple has navigated challenges, celebrated milestones, and embraced the joy of parenthood. As they continue to build their legacy together, Ciara and Wilson inspire us with their love, faith, and the beauty of a growing family.

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