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Cleopatra’s Timeless Beauty Secrets Unveiled

By Orgesta Tolaj


9 February 2024

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Cleopatra's beauty secrets

Cleopatra (1963 film), Old paper with Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s reign was filled with intrigue, romance, and an unwavering commitment to beauty. As one of history’s most iconic figures, she has left an indelible mark on the world, not only as a powerful ruler but also as a symbol of allure and elegance. It is no wonder that women throughout the ages have been fascinated by her beauty regimen and sought to uncover the secrets behind her youthful glow. Have you ever wondered what secrets she possessed that made her so captivating? Well, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll explore Cleopatra’s beauty secrets and learn about the ancient techniques she used to keep her skin glowing and beautiful.

Top Cleopatra Beauty Secrets That You Can Start Using Today

Here are some of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets you can add to your own routine:

1. Henna

Cleopatra used henna to both nourish and adorn her nails, a practice that influenced the origins of nail polish in Egyptian cultures. While henna is familiar in Indian culture, you can experiment with creative applications on your nails. Try outlining your nails with henna for box designs or painting henna from the 3rd minor knuckle to the tips for unique and quirky designs.

2. Milk

Cleopatra indulged in a luxurious bath ritual using donkey milk mixed with turmeric. Donkey milk, rich in lactic acid, was believed to maintain clear, soft, and radiant skin. To replicate her experience, add a gallon of goat milk to your bathwater. You can also enhance it with floral essential oils like lavender or geranium for added skin and hair benefits.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Cleopatra's beauty secrets
Cleopatra / John William Waterhouse

3. Kohl

The queen adorned her eyes with kohl, crafted from black galena or green malachite infused with spices like cinnamon bark or frankincense resin, and mixed with natural oils or animal fats for smooth application. This kohl also contained zinc oxide for sun protection and was thought to strengthen the eyes, prevent diseases like conjunctivitis, and enhance the allure of the gaze. Consider using ayurvedic kajal, Surma, or kohl to adorn and protect your eyes like royalty.

4. Royal Jelly

Cleopatra reportedly incorporated royal jelly into her beauty regimen to hydrate her skin thoroughly. Royal jelly, sourced from bees, is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, improving skin elasticity, boosting collagen production, and aiding in cell regeneration for quicker healing and overall skin health. If royal jelly isn’t available, beeswax serves as a good alternative, offering similar moisturizing properties. Beeswax can be used to instantly hydrate lips and cuticles or incorporated into DIY beauty recipes.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Cleopatra's beauty secrets
Cleopatra (1963 film)

5. Dead Sea Salt

The queen utilized salt from the Dead Sea and mined caves, with the former being particularly rich in minerals. This salt was a key component in her beauty regimen, believed to enhance skin radiance, eliminate dead skin cells, and prevent blemishes. She incorporated it into her royal baths and used it to exfoliate her skin. To try this ritual, mix one tablespoon of fine-grain salt with three drops of essential oil and five drops of carrier oil, then scrub your face. You can adjust the quantities for a full-body scrub.

What is one of your favorites from Cleopatra’s beauty secrets?

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