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This Couple Got a $1,400 Refund Thanks to a Farting Dog

By Orgesta Tolaj


11 December 2023

farting dog

© Gill and Warren Press

Dogs, our companions, are said to be the only beings that will love you unconditionally until the end. They are fluffy, cuddly, lovable, and farty at times! However, no matter what they do, they are still adorable. And while your own pet does not necessarily bother you, it can be bothersome for other people. This is what happened to this couple while they were taking a plane from Paris in June. A farting dog left them with an unpleasant experience, but they ended up getting more out of it through a refund.

The Farting Dog Fiasco

Gill and Warren Press, a couple from New Zealand, encountered an unusual situation during their Singapore Airlines flight from Paris to Singapore in June. Having paid extra for premium economy seats for the 13-hour journey, they were surprised to find themselves seated next to a passenger with a dog, which they suspected was an emotional support animal. According to Gill, the dog made disruptive noises like snorting and drooling.

Uncomfortable with the prospect of enduring a long flight alongside the disruptive dog, Gill expressed her concerns to her husband, Warren, urging him to address the issue. Warren approached a flight attendant seeking a resolution, only to be informed that the only available alternative seats were located in the back of the economy cabin.

What Happened Next?

Despite this, the couple initially chose to remain in their premium seats. However, after dinner service on the Singapore Airlines flight, the disruptive dog continued to cause issues, including farting, as the couple tried to sleep. Seeking a solution, they approached a flight attendant who offered them two reserved economy seats for flight attendants. After the flight, the couple filled out an incident report, expecting the airline to follow up. However, hearing nothing, Gill initially contacted the airline, receiving an apology and two $73 gift vouchers.

Deeming this inadequate given the premium to economy seat cost difference, the airline offered two travel vouchers worth approximately $118 each, nearly a month later.

farting dog gave couple full ticket refund
© Gill and Warren Press

How the Incident Gathered Attention

The incident gained attention when the New Zealand outlet Stuff reported on it on September 8. After months of correspondence with Singapore Airlines, the couple received approximately $1,410 refund, which they have decided to donate to an organization dedicated to matching vision-impaired individuals with service dogs.

Gill Press and her husband, Warren Press, relocated from premium economy to economy on a 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore due to a disruptive dog. They pursued compensation from Singapore Airlines for months and eventually received about $1,410. The couple plans to donate the amount to an organization that pairs vision-impaired individuals with service dogs.

The Couple Wanted a Bigger Refund for the Farting Dog

Upset about receiving only a fraction of their ticket cost, estimated to be around $1,000, Gill and Warren Press requested further compensation from Singapore Airlines. After some negotiation, the airline, as a gesture of goodwill, agreed to refund the couple the difference in cabin prices, amounting to about $587 each. In total, the couple received approximately $1,410, with Gill expressing that while it was the least the airline could do, she believed they could have been more generous in their compensation.

Gill Press expressed her intention to assert herself more in the future, emphasizing the importance of standing up for what one believes is right. She stated that she would be more proactive in advocating for fairness, not just in airline incidents but in various aspects of life.

What would you have done in this situation? Would you have ignored it, or would you have asked for compensation as well?

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