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Couple Has Been Drinking Toilet Water for 6 Months

By Albulena Murturi


5 December 2023

drinking toilet water

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In a bizarre and alarming turn of events, a couple in Beijing, China, identified only as Mr. Tan and his girlfriend, recently discovered that they had been unknowingly drinking toilet water for six months in their new apartment. The unsettling revelation came to light after the pair experienced a series of mysterious health issues. This prompted a thorough investigation into the source of their troubles.

Unexplained Health Issues

The couple, who moved into their $1,400-a-month rental in May, began noticing peculiar health symptoms, including an unexplained cough for both and, notably, hair loss and acne for Mr. Tan. As the health issues persisted, Tan made a shocking discovery: he hadn’t paid the water bill for six months, yet water continued to flow seamlessly into their apartment.

Plumbing Revelation

Growing suspicious, Tan decided to conduct some investigative work, running tests on their water meters. To his astonishment, he observed that the meter failed to register an increase when water was used in the apartment. Determined to get to the bottom of this bizarre situation, the couple enlisted the help of a plumber.

drinking toilet water
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The plumber’s examination unearthed a jaw-dropping revelation — an unnoticed additional pipe that supposedly connected the toilet and tap water pipes. The consequence? For half a year, all the water in the apartment, used for drinking, bathing, and cooking, turned out to be nothing but toilet water. The couple was understandably horrified by this unsanitary revelation.

Fortunately, the plumber promptly rectified the plumbing mishap. He fixed the pipes and restored the water supply to its intended, uncontaminated state. However, the damage had already been done. Tan and his girlfriend reported adverse effects on their health and overall well-being during the six-month ordeal.

In the aftermath of this shocking incident, Mr. Tan is now seeking monetary damages from the rental firm responsible for the apartment. The unidentified company, in turn, attempted to deflect blame. They asserted that some tenants had chosen to access water from a nearby well. The rental company confirmed that they tested the quality of this well water in March, but they designated it solely for flushing toilets and watering plants.

In response to these claims, Tan argues that he and his girlfriend were never informed of this unconventional water arrangement before moving in. The ongoing negotiations between Tan and the rental company underscore the need for increased transparency in lease agreements. These issues need thorough disclosure of essential information that could impact tenants’ health and safety.

drinking toilet water
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This alarming incident raises pressing questions about the oversight and maintenance standards within the rental industry. They emphasize the importance of stringent checks to ensure the safety and well-being of tenants. Beyond the immediate shock of discovering the toilet water mishap, it prompts a broader discussion about the responsibilities of property owners and management companies. They need to be more committed to ensuring the provision of safe and clean living conditions.

As this peculiar case unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder for tenants worldwide to be vigilant about the details of their rental agreements and the quality of essential services provided in their residences. The Beijing couple’s ordeal may serve as a catalyst for improvements in industry regulations. It can heighten awareness of the potential hazards that can lurk within seemingly routine aspects of daily life.

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