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Dad’s How-To Videos for Kids Become an Internet Sensation

By Albulena Murturi


8 December 2023

Dad's how-to videos for kids

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In the vast landscape of YouTube content creators, there emerges a unique figure—a fatherly presence offering practical life advice and wisdom. Rob Kenney, a Seattle area father-of-two, has rapidly become the “internet’s dad” through his YouTube channel, “Dad, how do I?”. In this digital age, where connections are forged through screens, Dad’s how-to videos for kids exemplify the profound impact a positive father figure can have on those in need.

The Journey of Rob Kenny

Kenney’s journey to becoming an internet dad is rooted in a tumultuous childhood. His parents divorced when he was just a child. His father gained custody of Kenney and his siblings. But after a while, he shockingly announced at his daughter’s ninth birthday that he no longer wanted them. The abrupt abandonment left Kenney, then 14, and his siblings fending for themselves. They navigated the complexities of adulthood without a guiding hand.

Dad's how-to videos for kids
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Kenney’s journey into fatherhood played a pivotal role in shaping his approach. When he became a father in the ’90s, he was determined to break the cycle of emotional detachment that he experienced from his own father. Together with his wife of 29 years, Annelli, Kenney raised two successful, well-adjusted children. He proudly states, that his kids still maintain a strong connection with him.

Reflecting on his journey, Kenney decided to leverage his experiences to make a difference. In response, he created the “Dad, how do I?” YouTube channel. He aims to provide fatherhood practical lessons and parenting guidance to those who need it. He hopes this will encourage those facing similar challenges in their upbringing. Just a month after its launch, the channel had amassed over 2 million followers. Now it has over 4 million. This is a testament to the universal need for guidance and the resonance of Kenney’s message.

Despite the overwhelming response and the title of “internet’s dad,” Kenney remains humble, acknowledging his limited formal education and feeling ill-equipped for the attention he’s receiving. However, his sincerity and commitment to sharing what he does know resonate deeply with his audience.

“Dad, How Do I?” Video Content

Kenney’s advice is delivered in a straightforward, “just-the-facts, ma’am” manner, resonating with viewers seeking genuine, relatable content. Dad’s how-to videos for kids, released weekly, cover a range of topics from learning to shave to unclogging a sink and changing a tire. Sprinkled with the occasional dad joke, Kenney’s authenticity shines through. He admits uncertainty when needed, reinforcing the hallmark of a good father—honesty.

What sets Kenney apart is his genuine desire to bridge the gap for those who, like him, had to navigate adulthood alone. In his shaving tutorial, he emphasizes not only the technique but also the importance of cleaning up after oneself. Drawing from personal mistakes, he imparts practical tips with a touch of humor, creating a connection with his audience.

Now hailed as the “internet’s dad,” Kenney’s influence extends beyond his own family. The comment sections of his videos reveal a surprisingly wholesome community, where viewers express gratitude for the practical life skills he imparts. One commenter on the ‘How to change a tire’ video captures the sentiment many share: “This man deserves an award for being the internet’s best dad”. Another, who might have been a woman, wrote “I never thought I’d need an internet dad to show me things my dad only taught my brothers, thank you so much”.

In conclusion, this Dad’s how-to videos for kids have emerged as a digital sanctuary for those seeking paternal guidance. His journey from a tumultuous childhood to becoming a father determined to break the cycle showcases the transformative power of positive role models.

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