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This Is Why Doja Cat Lost Over Half a Million Followers

By Orgesta Tolaj


28 August 2023

Doja Cat backlash and follower loss

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Doja Cat finds herself in yet another controversy. The star who rose to fame in 2018 with her fun and quirky single “MOOO!” followed by her charting hit album “Planet Her” is making her fans angry as she makes fun of them and tells them “she has no reason to love them back”.

What did the star have to say, and how did her fans respond? Let us dive into the drama together and uncover the latest Doja Cat backlash.

The Doja Cat Backlash and Follower Loss Situation

Doja Cat has faced backlash from some of her fans due to her controversial social media actions. In a July Threads rant, she criticized her fan base for calling themselves “Kittenz”, resulting in a reported loss of over 500,000 Instagram followers in the past month. Despite this, Doja seemed to embrace the loss, showing a desire to connect with her true supporters.

In her now-deleted Threads post, Doja expressed her disapproval of fans adopting the name “Kittenz” and suggested they focus on more meaningful activities. She also discouraged fans from using variations of her real name in their usernames. Her responses to fans seeking affection and support were notably dismissive.

Doja Cat backlash and follower loss
© dojacat / Instagram
doja cat
© dojacat / Instagram

The situation escalated to the point where fans demanded more respect, prompting Doja to deactivate her Threads account. Some fans speculated that Doja’s behavior might be a form of performance art, given her recent introduction of a new alter ego, Scarlet.

The Fans Reply

Fans were quick to ask the rapper and singer to reassure them that she still loves them. However, Doja Cat immediately shut them down by claiming: “i don’t (love you) though cuz I don’t even know yall

A fan replied to her immediately, saying: “and we don’t know you. but we have supported you through thick and thin, mind you you’d be NOTHING without us. you’d be working at a grocery store making songs on f—ing garage band miss high school drop out…” 

The rapper did not step back and told the fan: “nobody forced you idk why you’re talking to me like you’re my mother bitch you sound like a crazy person.

The Aftermath

Many of Doja Cat’s fans are displeased with her behavior, regardless of whether they view it as genuine or a performance. Despite the controversy, Doja Cat released her single “Paint the Town Red” in August, seemingly unfazed by the loss of followers.

In an Instagram Story post on August 16, Doja expressed her perspective, stating, “Seeing all these people unfollow makes me feel like I’ve defeated a large beast that’s been holding me down for so long and it feels like I can reconnect with the people who really matter and love me for who I am and not for who I was. I feel free.

doja cat reply to fans
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Whether you are a Doja Cat fan or not, it is hard to not have a stance on the situation. Do you agree with Doja Cat’s opinions or do you think there is something else going on? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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