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Enough Is Enough! People Are Begging for Child-Free Flights

By Orgesta Tolaj


20 May 2024

child-free flights

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Have you ever been on a flight where the sounds of crying babies and rowdy children made it feel like you were in a daycare rather than a plane? If yes, then you are one of the many travelers for whom the thought of child-free flights is becoming increasingly appealing. Air travel can be stressful enough as it is, and the presence of children can sometimes amplify the chaos. From tantrums to loud noises, some passengers are fed up with the lack of peace and quiet on flights. To counter that, people are now begging for child-free flights.

People Are Asking for Child-Free Flights

Passengers are shaken after enduring a harrowing 29-hour flight disrupted by an upset child’s relentless havoc. The discomfort of flying, exacerbated by cramped conditions or separation from travel companions, is a common concern. Henry Beasley, part of the New Zealand music duo Balu Brigada, endured a grueling journey to Berlin from New Zealand in 2022, prompting him to advocate for child-free flights. His experience resonated with others who also support the idea of child-free travel options.

The Viral Video

Social media users are advocating for child-free flights following a viral video of a passenger enduring a 29-hour journey plagued by a screaming baby. Shared by TikToker Henry Beasley, known as @balubrigada, the video captured his exasperated reactions to the incessant cries during his flight from New Zealand to Germany. Beasley humorously commented on the baby’s “great projection” and “nice long” screams as the arduous journey unfolded.


Hey babe, how was your flight?

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During the tumultuous flight, Henry Beasley chews gum vigorously as he endures the relentless screams, likening them to a kettle boiling. He rates the cries, even complimenting one as “nice long one here, 100,” and humorously gives the child’s “stellar performance” and “incredible stamina” a “10/10.” The distressing video garnered 14.5 million views and 2.8 million likes, with numerous sympathizers expressing their support in the comments.

What Did People Have to Say?

Commenters empathized with Beasley’s ordeal, with one expressing relief that he emerged unscathed, while another speculated on the severity of the child’s distress. A third user advocated for waiting until children are older before flying to avoid inconveniencing others, emphasizing the importance of consideration. Meanwhile, a fourth commenter suggested flight attendants should intervene to ensure a pleasant experience for all passengers.

Child-Free Flights
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Acknowledging the challenges of parenting on a flight, some users empathized with the parents, recognizing the ordeal as mortifying, exhausting, and embarrassing. Nevertheless, others advocated for the introduction of child-free flights, especially for long-haul journeys. Suggestions for adult-only flights were made on platforms like Facebook. People expressed frustration over disruptive behavior from children. They advocated for an age restriction on certain flights to ensure a more peaceful travel experience.

Can Child-Free Flights Really Exist?

Surprisingly, yes. The latest airline to announce an adults-only zone on its planes is offering passengers over 16 a peaceful travel experience. This upgrade, available on their Airbus 350 route from Amsterdam to Curaçao, comes at a reasonable cost for those seeking a child-free environment.

The airline will offer 93 seats in the adults-only zone at the front of the plane. The section will be separated from the rest of the cabin by walls and curtains. Passengers can enjoy this privilege for a reported €45 ($49) each way on the 10-hour trip from Amsterdam to Curaçao. This is considered reasonable for a relaxing journey.

Child-Free Flights
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Atilay Uslu, the founder of Corendon, emphasized the aim of catering to diverse customer needs. Uslu believes it can positively impact parents traveling with small children by allowing them to enjoy the flight without concerns about noise. Other airlines such as Malaysia’s AirAsia, India’s IndiGo, and Singapore’s Scoot Airlines also offer child-free or “quiet” zones.

Do you think child-free flights are necessary?

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