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77-Year-Old Gets Fined for Bringing Chicken Sandwich Into Australia

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 May 2024

chicken sandwich fine australia

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Can a simple chicken sandwich land you in trouble with the law? For one 77-year-old woman in Australia, the answer is a surprising yes. While we might not be familiar with different laws in different countries, some of them still manage to turn our heads in surprise. In a bizarre turn of events, she was recently fined for a simple chicken sandwich brought into the country. But, why did this happen?

What Happened?

A New Zealand woman was fined for bringing a chicken sandwich into Australia, as reported by The New Zealand Herald. June Armstrong, 77, traveled from Christchurch, New Zealand, to Brisbane Airport in Australia on May 2. She was fined 3,300 New Zealand dollars (about $1,995 USD) for carrying an uneaten sandwich into Australia.

Chicken Sandwich fine Australia
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Armstrong was advised by border patrol staff to appeal the fine. However, her attempts to appeal only resulted in receiving automatic replies, according to the report.

What Did She Have To Say?

Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry responded to the incident six months later, following inquiries from The New Zealand Herald on behalf of Armstrong. Armstrong stated that she inadvertently packed the sandwich in her bag before the flight and forgot about it, despite declaring her prescription medication to authorities.

Chicken Sandwich fine Australia
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Armstrong expressed difficulty in paying the fine as she and her husband rely on their pensions. She remarked to The New Zealand Herald that everyone she showed the fine to was shocked and incredulous.

What Is the Chicken Sandwich Fine in Australia?

A spokesperson for Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry stated to Business Insider that Armstrong could have only brought the sandwich into the country if she had an import permit.

Chicken Sandwich fine Australia
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The spokesperson emphasized that meat has strict import conditions that can change rapidly due to disease outbreaks. They mentioned that passengers can face fines of up to 6,260 Australian dollars (approximately $4,100 USD) for bringing unauthorized food items into the country.

This Is Not the First Time Someone Faced a Similar Fine in Australia

If you think that was interesting to learn, instances of passengers being fined for bringing undeclared items through Australian airports are not uncommon. In August, a passenger was fined $1,200 for carrying a rose at an Australian airport, while another was fined $1,870 last August for packing McMuffin sandwiches on a flight from Bali to Australia.

What do you think of the chicken sandwich fine in Australia? Do you think it is necessary?

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