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Fake Facelift – The Ultimate Concealer Hack

By The Hyperhive


1 February 2024

Concealer can really make you fake it! This unsung hero of the beauty world possesses remarkable multitasking abilities. With a few expert strokes, it can hide skin sins, dark circles vanish, blemishes disappear. In minutes, it transforms dull complexions. Now, a new makeup trend is taking center stage: a fake facelift with concealer. This innovative technique utilizes the versatility of concealer to accentuate the natural contours of your face, creating the illusion of a lifted and rejuvenated complexion. So, if you’re seeking a simple and effective way to brighten and revitalize your skin, embrace the transformative power of this technique by grabbing your favorite concealer today.

How To Fake a Fake Facelift?

Learn the art of using concealer to achieve your desired results with the guidance of these renowned TikTokers. They will take you through step-by-step tutorials, ensuring you master the techniques of a fake facelift with ease.

When applying concealer, pay special attention to key areas such as the under-eye region, the brow bone, and the cheekbones. These areas are crucial for achieving a bright and defined look.


Face lift with concealer 😍 #makeup #beauty #concealerhack ib: @laurajohnsonmua

♬ Cool Kids (Sped-Up Version) – Echosmith

To begin, target the under-eye area and utilize a concealer shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Apply it to the inner corners and the area beneath your eyes. Blend the concealer thoroughly to ensure a seamless finish without any noticeable lines or creases. This technique will impart brightness and assist in reducing the visibility of dark circles.


HOW TO LIFT FACE W CONCEALER USED @Charlotte Tilbury NEW Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer in shades 6.5 & 7 medium #SephoraConcealers #concealerhack

♬ #SephoraConcealers – Sephora

Keep in mind this valuable tip: when addressing the brow bone and the area above your cheekbones, opt for a concealer that matches your skin tone. Applying it in these regions will effectively lift and accentuate, resulting in a rejuvenated and radiant appearance.


No coffee? No problem. @Sonika Sunar✨ puts use our Boi-ing Cakeless to the viral face lift test #facelifthack #viral concealerhack concealer #concealerhacks #concealerplacement #concealertutorial #benefitconcealer #benefituk #benefitcosmetics #foryou

♬ Natural Emotions – Muspace Lofi

Additionally, when applying concealer, remember to utilize a blending brush or sponge to achieve a flawless and natural-looking outcome. This ensures that the product seamlessly merges with your skin. For further longevity and to prevent creasing, consider setting your concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder. This simple step will help it stay in place throughout the day.

To sum it up, the fake facelift technique offers a rapid and effortless way to accentuate your natural beauty, resulting in a revitalized and youthful look. By skillfully applying concealer, you can achieve brightness, contouring, and lifting effects within minutes. So why not embark on this transformative journey and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your complexion? Give it a try and unveil the radiant new you!


lifting my face with concealer hack? what do we think? Ib: @mekaela ☺︎︎ #makeup #beauty

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