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Florida Man Survives a Lightning Strike, Snake & Spider Bite

By Orgesta Tolaj


13 December 2023

florida man survives lightning strike

© Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

Now that is a combination of words you would not expect to hear. Especially from Florida! The “Florida Man” memes are about to end with the recent news of a Florida man surviving an entire lightning strike unharmed. But, get this, this is not the only thing he survived. Talk about an unlucky streak turning into a lucky survival pattern.

How He Survived the Lightning Strike

On August 12, 2012, the man was operating a sweeper truck for a construction crew when a storm approached. Trying to free the stuck sweeper during the storm, lightning struck approximately 10 feet away. The electricity traveled through a puddle, up the sweeper’s metal bristles, and reached the individual’s left hand, knocking him backward about 6 feet and rendering him unconscious for up to a minute. The experience, described as feeling like a powerful impact similar to a blow from Mike Tyson with a jackhammer, resulted in doctors diagnosing him with a mild heart attack. Even years later, he still experiences a combination of nerve pain and loss of sensation on his left side, and the incident has instilled a profound fear of lightning in him.

Florida Man Survives Snake Bite

Yes, yes, we did mention a lightning strike first! However, this Florida man has actually experienced some unlucky/lucky situations beforehand as well. And that includes a snakebite. During the recent rattlesnake encounter on August 11, Cook was finishing up mowing the lawn at his family’s rented house when he heard a loud rattling sound. Initially, he thought it might be cicadas. However, upon investigation, he discovered the snake coiled about 3 feet from his right foot. Despite a quick attempt to move away, the snake struck his ankle after he stepped on a stick.

© freepik

Reacting swiftly, Cook screamed and ran to his wife, Sara. She washed the wound and promptly called the poison control hotline. Subsequently, she drove him to the emergency room at a Lakeland hospital. Fortunately, doctors informed Cook, who described himself as a “bigger guy,” that the snake’s fangs did not penetrate beyond a layer of fatty tissue. This spared him from serious injury.

Last but Not Least: Florida Man Survives Spider Bite

In April, the man experienced a spider bite while working as a truck driver. Despite the bite from a recluse spider on his left hand, he continued working until the swelling and extreme pain prompted a hospital visit. Surgery was performed to drain the toxins, but he still has limited use of his hand. Unfortunately, the company fired him due to his absences, resulting in unemployment.

Prior to these recent incidents, Cook had faced various misadventures, including being bitten by an alligator while fishing and by his friend’s Burmese python while attempting to feed it. Reflecting on these events, he mused that the past four years have been challenging, considering the possibility that fate or circumstance may be trying to get his attention or that he has consistently found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time throughout his life.

The situation leaves you wondering, whether you are extremely unlucky to get hit by lightning, or extremely lucky to survive one. What do you think?

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