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This Ford Car Is Only for Men! But, Why?

By Orgesta Tolaj


8 March 2024

Men's only car International Women’s Day

© Ford Motor Co.

Labeled as a satirical take on International Women’s Day, Ford recently released an ad showcasing a so-called “car for men” that lacks essential features like blinkers, windshield wipers, and heaters. The ad has sparked controversy and raised questions about gender stereotypes in the automotive industry. But why is this “Men’s only car” release on International Women’s Day so controversial?

Ford Releases Ad Featuring Men’s Only Car for International Women’s Day

Ford marked International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with the launch of an advertising campaign. It promoted the Ford Explorer Men’s Only Edition. This decision raised eyebrows due to its seemingly contradictory nature. The advertisement featured a new Ford Explorer that conspicuously lacked several essential vehicle features. All of them were developed by women in the auto industry. These included basic amenities such as heaters and windshield wipers, as well as critical safety components like turn signals, rearview mirrors, and GPS systems.


The campaign inadvertently highlighted the significant contributions made by women to the automotive sector over the years. By showcasing a Men’s only car stripped of these innovations, Ford’s advertisement sparked a conversation about gender inclusivity. It also opened the recognition of women’s achievements in traditionally male-dominated fields like automotive engineering.

What Is the Main Purpose of This Release?

The absence of key features in a stripped-down vehicle underscores the significant contributions women have made to the modern automobile, often taken for granted. Ford highlighted women like Stephanie Kwolek, Dr. Gladys West, Florence Lawrence, and others in a press release, acknowledging their pivotal roles in developing essential functionalities. Individuals like Julia Matos, Jackie DiMarco, and Nicole Herrera have also left their mark on Ford. Despite progress, the auto industry remains predominantly male, indicating the ongoing journey toward gender equity in the field.

Men's only car International Women’s Day
© Ford

Despite the majority of women being car buyers and influencers in purchasing decisions, data from Forbes and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal a significant gender disparity in management roles within the transportation and auto sectors. With only 22.4% of management positions in transportation and 27.1% in the auto industry held by women in 2021, there’s a pressing need for increased diversity. This diversity is not only essential for reflecting the needs of various identities in vehicle features but also for addressing critical safety concerns, such as the inadequate representation of diverse body types in crash test dummies, which can have life-or-death consequences.

What do you think of the men’s only car release for International Women’s Day? Does it prove the point it wanted to?

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