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Grandpa Recreates Celebrity Outfits: From Kanye to Kylie

By Medina Syla


16 May 2024

©️ jaadiee / Instagram

Alojz Abram, a 77-year-old grandpa from Slovenia is making waves on social media!

He became a sensation with her uncanny recreations of iconic celebrity outfits. Alongside his grandson, Jannik Diefenbach, Alojz has amassed a staggering 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

What started as a fun project during Christmas 2016 has now turned into a viral sensation, with Alojz’s impeccable fashion sense and infectious charisma capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

The Journey of Grandpa Recreating Celebrity Outfits

Alojz’s journey began approximately a year ago, inspired by his grandson’s eclectic style. What started as a simple experiment of trying on his grandson’s clothes quickly evolved into a full-fledged hobby. Despite his initial hesitation about social media fame, Alojz has embraced his newfound celebrity status.

Now, let’s see together some of the most hilarious looks this cool grandpa has created!

Here Is How This Grandpa Recreates Celebrity Outfits

1. Kylie Jenner

Alojz Abram and his grandson Jannik Diefenbach recreated Kylie Jenner’s look with the same outfit, hairstyle, and pose. Their recreation captured the essence of Kylie’s glamorous style, earning praise from fans worldwide.

grandpa recreates celebrity outfits
©️ jaadiee / Instagram

2. Bernie Sanders’ Viral Inauguration Look (2021)

In a hilarious yet spot-on recreation, Alojz Abram donned Bernie Sanders’ iconic inauguration attire.

grandpa recreates celebrity outfits
©️ jaadiee / Instagram

3. ASAP Rocky

Alojz Abram’s recreation of ASAP Rocky’s signature streetwear style was nothing short of impressive. From the oversized hoodies to the statement accessories, Alojz effortlessly channeled the rapper’s unique aesthetic, proving that age is no barrier to rocking the latest trends with confidence and swagger.

grandpa recreates celebrity outfits
©️ jaadiee / Instagram

4. Kanye West

Alojz Abram and Jannik Diefenbach took on the challenge of recreating one of Kanye West’s iconic looks, showcasing their attention to detail and commitment to authenticity.

grandpa recreates celebrity outfits
©️ jaadiee / Instagram

With meticulous precision, they replicated Kanye’s distinctive fashion sense, from the oversized silhouettes to the bold color palettes, paying homage to the legendary rapper and fashion icon.

Kanye West
©️ jaadiee / Instagram

5. Travis Scott

Of course, Travis Scott would be one of them, too.

©️ jaadiee / Instagram

6. J Balvin

“@jbalvin vs Gramps – who wore it better? 👴🏻”

Celebrity Recognition and Prestigious Invitations

In each of these recreations, Alojz Abram and his grandson demonstrated their creativity, humor, and impeccable sense of style. Their ability to capture each celebrity’s look while adding their own unique flair has earned them a dedicated fanbase. As they continue to push boundaries, Alojz and Jannik prove that age is no obstacle to expressing and embracing fashion.

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