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Guy Breaks Up With Partner Due to Most Used Words in Texts

By Orgesta Tolaj


23 May 2024

most used words in texts

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Be aware of what you text your partner! As we already know, communication is key in any relationship. But sometimes that can be hindered, especially due to phone texts nowadays. Have you ever wondered if the tone and content of your text messages can reveal the health of your relationship? One man did just that by analyzing the most-used words in his texts with his partner over the course of five years. And yes, he broke up with her because of these most-used words in their texts.

Man Broke Up With His Girlfriend Because of These Most Used Words in Texts

A Reddit user delves into past text messages to understand the cause of their breakup. He analyzed five years of correspondence, creating a word cloud to depict the most frequently used words. Titled ‘Year 1: We met online,’ the word cloud revealed common terms such as ‘haha,’ ‘good,’ ‘food,’ ‘weekend,’ and ‘yeah’ in the former couple’s texts.

© canadianhoneycreeper / Reddit

The analysis of text messages highlighted recurring words like ‘good’ and ‘haha,’ alongside affectionate terms like ‘baby’ and practical ones like ‘work’ and ‘morning.’

Most used words in texts
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A subsequent word cloud included additional terms such as ‘love,’ ‘lunch,’ ‘pizza,’ and ‘Amazon,’ suggesting a deepening relationship. Titled ‘Bliss,’ the third-year word cloud hinted at a period of happiness and enjoyment for the couple.

© canadianhoneycreeper / Reddit

What Happened Next?

In the fourth year of their relationship, Reddit user u/canadianhoneycreeper and their ex-partner appeared to be moving towards a more serious commitment, as indicated by the word cloud titled ‘Year 4: we got engaged.’

© canadianhoneycreeper / Reddit

As their relationship progressed into the fifth year, affectionate pet names like ‘bub’ emerged alongside terms like ‘movie’ and ‘dinner,’ as well as expressive adjectives such as ‘amazing.’

Most used words in texts
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However, a significant shift occurred in the final year, marked by the caption ‘Year 5: She demanded a third move, then she kicked me out.’ Despite this upheaval, the most-used words in the fifth year remained relatively neutral, including ‘okay,’ ‘good,’ and ‘hopefully,’ leaving the exact circumstances of the breakup ambiguous.

How Did It End?

Following the couple’s breakup, a word cloud titled “Year 6: We tried to resolve things, then catastrophe struck” was created, showing frequent use of words like ‘want’, ‘know’, ‘just’, ‘sure’, ‘yeah’, ‘think’, and ‘okay’. The final slide compiled the most-used words throughout their relationship, reflecting their dating phase, engagement, and subsequent breakup. Key terms included ‘okay’, ‘haha’, ‘good’, and ‘baby’.

© canadianhoneycreeper / Reddit

What Did People Have to Say About the Most Used Words in Their Texts?

Since the data-driven post was shared on Reddit last year, users have been divided in their reactions. Some expressed concern, while others were impressed or shocked by the results. Comparisons were made to similar instances, with one user mentioning a previous case where someone kept a spreadsheet of their sexual encounters.

Commentary highlighted the shift in tone within the texts over time, from more affectionate expressions to simpler responses like “okay.” One user theorized that the change in text themes could be attributed to a shift in communication habits, from more text-based interactions initially to more face-to-face conversations later in the relationship.

What do you think are some of your most used words in texts?

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