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How to Tell if a Scorpio Man Likes You?

By The Hyperhive


26 April 2024

scorpio man likes you

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Let’s face it, deciphering a Scorpio man’s feelings is like trying to read a secret government document written in invisible ink. One minute he is gazing at you with an intensity that could melt glaciers, the next he has vanished into a smoky haze of intrigue, leaving you wondering if you ever even existed. But we are here to show you how to tell if a Scorpio man likes you.

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But fear not, lovelorn adventurer! Cracking the Scorpio code is totally possible if you know where to look.

How to Tell if a Scorpio Man Likes You?

Here is the dirt on those elusive signs that a Scorpio man might be feeling your vibe:

1. The Stare Down

This is a classic Scorpio move. He will lock eyes with you across the room, and you will swear he can see straight into your soul (and maybe your Netflix queue). Hold that gaze, tiger! It shows you are not afraid of his emotional depth…or his laser stare.

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2. The Slow Approach

Don’t expect a Scorpio man to swoop in like a superhero. He will take his time, strategically maneuvering himself into your orbit like a heat-seeking missile set to “charm.” If he mysteriously ends up next to you at every party, blame it on the cosmic forces (or maybe his uncanny ability to remember the drink specials at every bar in town).

scorpio man likes you
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3. The Wordsmith

Scorpios are masters of language, and they will use their powers for good (or evil) to weave a web of intrigue around you. Expect compliments that go beyond the superficial (“Your laugh is like the tinkling of wind chimes on a moonlit night”) and conversations that delve into the mysteries of the universe (or at least last week’s episode of Real Housewives).

4. The Touch Test

A Scorpio man won’t be afraid of some light (or not-so-light) physical contact. A brush on the arm, a lingering hug – these are all ways he’s gauging your interest and testing the waters of intimacy. Just remember, Scorpios are possessive creatures. Play it too cool, and he might retreat faster than a vampire confronting garlic bread.

scorpio man likes you
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5. The Gift Guru

Scorpios go above and beyond when it comes to gifts. Forget the grocery store flowers. This guy will show up with a first edition copy of your favorite obscure novel or tickets to that weird, experimental performance art show you mentioned once in passing. Be prepared to be impressed (and a little creeped out by his attentiveness).

6. The Mystery Machine

Scorpios crave emotional connection. If he feels a spark, he will delve deep, asking questions about your dreams, your fears, and your deepest, darkest secrets. This isn’t just idle curiosity – he wants to build a bond that goes beyond the superficial. So be prepared to bare your soul (and maybe confess your love for that embarrassing reality show).

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Bonus Round: Beware the Sting

A Scorpio man’s jealousy can be legendary. If he feels you flirting with someone else, he might unleash his inner scorpion and give you a metaphorical sting. Don’t take it personally (well, too personally). It just means he really likes you and wants your attention all to himself. Just assure him you only have eyes for him (and maybe avoid making googly eyes at the bartender).

The Final Score

So, is the Scorpio man of your dreams into you? Look for a combination of these signs. If he is constantly checking you out, showering you with compliments, and giving you gifts that seem like they crawled out of your deepest desires, then chances are good he’s smitten. Just remember, with a Scorpio man, the key is to play the game. A little mystery goes a long way, and don’t be afraid to show him your own depths. After all, the chase is half the fun, especially when you are dealing with a creature as captivating (and slightly dangerous) as a Scorpio. Good luck!

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