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Husband Charges Wife With a Fee for Mentioning Taylor Swift’s Name

By Albulena Murturi


14 November 2023

Taylor Swift jar

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Unless you are three years old, you have probably heard about swear jars. But what about a jar that punishes you every time you mention your favorite artist? Who would do such a thing? Why? Well, a husband had enough of his wife talking about a very famous singer. That is why he decided to do something about it. We present to you the fun case of the “Taylor Swift Jar.”

The “Taylor Swift Jar

Taylor Swift is everywhere in the media lately and it’s pretty hard to miss. She is having the time of her life professionally and romanticly, having ‘The Eras Tour’ on the go, releasing the ‘1989’ album (Taylor’s Version), and having a new boyfriend (Travis Kelce, the NFL star). But this doesn’t mean you can talk about her all the time. Not in this couple’s house anyway.

The husband of Dana Rice, created the “Taylor Swift Jar” to fine his wife a quarter of a dollar for every time she mentions the singer. His wife’s obsession with the superstar was too much for him to handle. But the wife, a businesswoman, had a very valid explanation.

How Did the Obsession Begin?

According to Dana, she started to get interested in the artist when everyone was talking about The Eras Tour’s enormous ticket sales. Being a real estate business person, she was more interested in the economic impact of the megastar’s concert, rather than in her artistic work. She told Fox News: “I started seeing reports and things from other people and other industries talking about her from a business perspective — from a force-of-nature perspective when she first started this tour.”

From someone who just wanted to learn about the economic aspect of the tour, she quickly became an admirer of Taylor Swift’s work. She even got to the point of purchasing tickets to one of her concerts. And now she just can’t stop talking about her. Some could argue that she has become infatuated with the star, and a hard-core Swiftie. Her husband would not disagree.

The Viral Video

In the video that went viral Rice posted on Instagram, her husband is seen sticking a note on a jar that reads: “Taylor Swift Jar, any mention of Taylor Swift and you owe $0.25. I can’t take it anymore. Travis Kelce included.”

Taylor Swift jar
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While recording, Rice comments that they both were at Saturday Night Live yesterday, referring to Taylor and her boyfriend. The husband replies “That’s a quarter.” Netcitizens have shown support for both of them, with some taking the side of Dana and others the side of her husband. Some advised Dana to make another jar that fines him any time he talks about the NFL in any way. That would make it even.

Taylor Swift jar
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The Taylor Swift Phenomenon

Dana Rice is just one of millions who fell under the artist’s spell. Fans all over the world are obsessed with the celebrity and it has become a case for psychological analysis. Psychologist Dr. Yamalis Diaz has talked to Fox News about the celebrity infatuation phenomenon. According to her, adolescents are more affected by it, because they “value and reinforce these celebrities in the way that teenagers wish people would see them.” Younger people might just like them for how great they are, or/and simply relate to them somehow, she conveyed. Needless to say, her fans find Miss Swift to be very relatable.

Diaz continues to stress the role of social media in the obsession. “That is the reason we’re seeing the obsession take over in a much bigger way,” she claims. She continues to elaborate on the effect of social media on teenagers’ brains, explaining how dopamine reinforces the obsession because new things are continuously being uploaded on social media. “They need to keep the little dopamine drip going,” she said.

The Eras Tour Impact

Taylor Swift jar Eras tour concert
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Taylor Swift’s impact is one for the books. The artist’s recent Eras Tour now is the most profitable concert series in U.S. history and has had a big impact on many areas. It is expected to make a whopping $4.1 billion, setting records. Taylor Swift is likely to keep about 85% of that money. With tickets costing around $456 on average, the tour is making more money than the yearly GDP of some smaller countries, according to the Washington Post. It has already pumped billions into the economy, benefiting sectors like hospitality and retail.

A Swiftie or not, your life has been touched by the megastars’ success in some way or another. Would you agree with her being called “a force of nature”?

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