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IU Swaps Song Name for ‘Love Wins All’ After ‘Queerbating’ Claims

By Orgesta Tolaj


23 January 2024

IU Love Wins All

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IU, the popular South Korean singer, has recently faced allegations of “queerbating” in one of her songs. After releasing the anticipated spoiler and teaser for her upcoming title which includes BTS’s V, IU is facing queerbating allegations. In response, she has decided to change the song title to ‘Love Wins All.’ But what exactly is queerbating and why has it caused such controversy for the singer?

What Happened With IU’s New Single?

On January 15, IU revealed plans to release a new single titled ‘Love Wins.’ Additionally, in a subsequently deleted post, IU confirmed that V from BTS would be featured in the music video for the song. The music video will be directed by Um Tae-hwa, known for his work on Concrete Utopia.

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While fans were excited to hear more about the singer’s comeback, IU faced another issue. IU’s upcoming single, “Love Wins,” scheduled for release on January 24, has sparked criticism from LGBTQ+ groups and fans for alleged queerbaiting. Concerns arise from the use of the phrase “Love Wins” in the title. It carries connotations related to the LGBTQ rights movement, specifically the struggle for marriage equality.

What Is Queerbating?

Queerbaiting refers to a situation where a work of media, such as a TV show, movie, or music, hints at or suggests the possibility of queer (LGBTQ+) relationships or characters to attract an LGBTQ+ audience, without actually delivering on those representations. It involves teasing or implying LGBTQ+ content to appeal to that audience’s interests, but without providing meaningful or authentic representation. This practice can be criticized for exploiting LGBTQ+ themes without a genuine commitment to inclusivity. Additionally, it may lead to disappointment or frustration among viewers who were hoping for more substantial representation.

How Does Queerbating Connect to IU’s Song?

The slogan “Love Wins” gained widespread use in 2015 after a significant decision by the US Supreme Court. This affirmed the fundamental right to marry for same-sex couples.

On January 19, IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, revealed that the single’s title would be changed to ‘Love Wins All.’ This was to show respect and support for diverse forms of love. The decision was made in response to concerns that the original title might obscure the intended positive message. The company expressed a strong desire for the original message of the song to be conveyed without causing any negative impact. They emphasized the idea that all forms of love prevail in a world without hatred.

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IU Renames Song to “Love Wins All”

The post officially read:

“We accept the opinions of those who express concerns that precious messages might be blurred due to the title,” the company added. “If there is one single thing that is exactly opposite to the message [of the song] would be the word ‘hatred’.”

We deeply hope that the original message of the song is delivered without leaving any scars on anyone, as every love wins all in the world with no hatred.”

Do you think that IU should have changed the title to “Love Wins All”, or should she have kept the original?

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