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The Jimmy Fallon Apology is Not What You Might Expect

By Orgesta Tolaj


13 September 2023

jimmy fallon

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Seems like talk show hosts can’t seem to catch a break. This time on the chopping block is Jimmy Fallon, who is known for his fun demeanor and accepting nature. The talk show host has brought many faces to the show, including, BTS, Selena Gomez, and even Taylor Swift. However, recently, people were not pleased to hear some controversial opinions about the host. So, what did he do to make both his staff members and fans upset?

The Accusations

Current and former staff members of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” have revealed that they have experienced a longstanding “toxic workplace” atmosphere. According to a report by Rolling Stone, 14 former employees, and two current ones have described the working conditions on the show as significantly beyond what is considered normal in the high-pressure world of television.

This distressing environment has led to disillusionment among some employees, with one former staff member expressing their disappointment, stating that working on a late-night show like this was their dream job but turned into a nightmare. The anonymous sources attribute the show’s problematic atmosphere to Fallon himself, who they claim has exhibited unpredictable behavior, resulting in frequent changes in the show’s leadership teams.

The Employees’ Statement

Former employees have reported feeling “belittled and intimidated” by their bosses, including Jimmy Fallon himself, during their time on “The Tonight Show.” They described a consistently “gloomy atmosphere” marked by concerns about Fallon’s “outbursts” and unpredictable behavior.

One memorable incident from 2017 stands out when Fallon stumbled through rehearsal and displayed “dismissive” and “irritable” behavior during production. Employees speculated that he may have been intoxicated, as he appeared to forget that he had crossed out jokes on a script.

According to one former employee, there was a pervasive atmosphere of walking on eggshells, especially for showrunners, as they never knew which version of Jimmy Fallon they would encounter or when he would become upset. This uncertainty resulted in a high turnover of showrunners.

Despite numerous HR complaints, it appears that the reported problems persisted within the workplace.

The Jimmy Fallon Apology Statement

Jimmy Fallon has issued an apology to his colleagues in response to allegations of a challenging work environment at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” as reported by Rolling Stone. In a Zoom call with the show’s staff after the article’s publication, Fallon expressed regret and stated that he did not intend to foster such an atmosphere on the show. According to unnamed employees who participated in the call, Fallon acknowledged feeling embarrassed and deeply sorry for any embarrassment caused to them, their families, and friends. He emphasized his desire for the show to be enjoyable, inclusive for everyone and the best it can be.

jimmy fallon
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The original Rolling Stone article featured testimonies from 16 current and former employees who described a challenging work environment that, in some cases, negatively affected their mental well-being. These individuals chose to remain anonymous due to concerns about potential professional repercussions. CNN has not independently verified their claims. Fallon and “The Tonight Show” did not provide comment for the initial story, but a statement from NBC was included in the report.

This situation shows the importance of creating a respectful and inclusive workplace culture in the entertainment industry. The allegations serve as a reminder that even in the world of late-night television, efforts should be made to maintain a positive and supportive work environment for everyone.

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