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Kate Middleton and Prince William Mark 13th Anniversary With Never-Before-Seen Photo

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30 April 2024

©️ princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on April 29, marking the occasion with a special glimpse into their big day. The royal couple shared a previously unseen photo from their wedding, capturing a beautiful moment between them.

Kate Middleton Prince William Wedding Anniversary

Westminster Abbey church also joined in the celebration by sharing a video of the newlyweds leaving the London landmark following their wedding ceremony in 2011. The video captured the couple’s departure for a horse-drawn carriage ride. They were accompanied by their bridal party and siblings, Prince Harry, and Pippa Middleton.

The royal wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey was attended by nearly 2,000 guests.

The Anniversary Photo

The black-and-white portrait shared by the Prince and Princess of Wales showed the couple smiling and standing together. In the image, Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, is seen holding her bouquet, which was primarily made of lilies from the valley. That is known to be Queen Elizabeth’s favorite flower. Kate looked radiant in Queen Elizabeth’s Cartier Halo Tiara and a white V-neck gown with a lace overlay. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Meanwhile, Prince William wore the black uniform of the Blues and Royals. He changed from his red tunic of the Irish Guards, which he wore for the church service at Westminster Abbey.

Kate Middleton Prince William wedding anniversary
©️ princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

Pilkington expressed her excitement and honor at the couple’s decision to share the photo, reminiscing about the moment she captured the portrait.

Facing Challenges Together

The anniversary celebration comes at a challenging time for the couple. In March, Kate Middleton announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment. Despite this, the couple remains united, with Prince William providing unwavering support to his wife and their family.

Kate Middleton Prince William wedding anniversary
©️ princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

Continuing Public Engagements

Despite the challenges, Prince William has resumed public duties, carrying out engagements in the North East, including a visit to an Earthshot Prize finalist firm and opening James’s Place, a center offering life-saving treatment to suicidal men.

A Look Back at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Journey

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s love story has captivated the world for over two decades. From their university days to becoming the Prince and Princess of Wales, their journey has been filled with heartwarming moments, public scrutiny, and an unwavering commitment to each other. Let’s revisit some key milestones in their remarkable relationship:

2001: A Budding Friendship at St. Andrews

It all began at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Prince William and Kate Middleton met in 2001 when they were just freshmen students. They were initially friends and even roommates, laying the foundation for a deeper connection.

Kate Middleton Prince William wedding anniversary
©️ princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

2003-2007: Navigating Love and Finding Their Way Back

Their relationship blossomed into romance, but they also faced challenges. A brief separation in 2007 proved to be a turning point. As they reflected on their lives, they realized their strong bond and rekindled their love.

2010: A Royal Proposal Makes Headlines

After years of dating, the world watched with excitement as Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton in November 2010. The stunning sapphire engagement ring, once belonging to Princess Diana, held immense sentimental value.

2011: A Fairytale Wedding Captures Hearts

On April 29, 2011, millions tuned in to witness the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William at Westminster Abbey. The grandeur of the ceremony, Kate’s stunning Alexander McQueen gown, and the joy radiating from the couple made it a day to remember.

2013-2018: Welcoming the Future Generation

The arrival of their children, Prince George (2013), Princess Charlotte (2015), and Prince Louis (2018), solidified their roles as a family. They embraced parenthood with grace and dedication, sharing glimpses of their life with their children while maintaining royal duties.

Kate Middleton Prince William wedding anniversary

2023: Supporting King Charles III and Embracing New Titles

With the coronation of King Charles III in May 2023, Prince William and Kate Middleton became the Prince and Princess of Wales, taking on increased responsibility within the royal family.

2024: Facing Challenges Together

In March 2024, Kate Middleton bravely revealed her cancer diagnosis. The couple’s strength and resilience in the face of adversity showcased their unwavering support for each other.

A Love Story That Continues to Inspire

Through thick and thin, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s love story has remained a constant source of inspiration. Their journey from university sweethearts to a devoted royal couple serves as a reminder of the power of love, friendship, and enduring commitment.

Aren’t they a match made in heaven?

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