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Kendrick Lamar’s Music Streams Increase by 50%. Drake’s Drop!

By Medina Syla


21 May 2024

©️ Kendrick Lamar/ Spotify

Kendrick Lamar, the hip-hop rapper, has found himself thrust into a streaming boost, but this time, it’s not just for his lyrical prowess—it’s for his role in a feud with fellow rapper Drake.

This clash of titans has not only captured the attention of fans worldwide but has also had a profound impact on Lamar’s music streaming booms, catapulting his already revered discography to new heights.

Kendrick Lamar streaming boost
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

The Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake Saga

The seeds of this rivalry were sown with the release of diss tracks by both artists. Lamar’s “Euphoria” and “Not Like Us” served as fiery aimed at Drake, in a feud that quickly spiraled into a battle of words and wit.

In retaliation, Drake unleashed his own verbal barrage with tracks like “Push Ups” and “Family Matters,” sparking a war of words that has dominated headlines and social media feeds alike.

The Ripple Effect: A Surge in Streams

While the feud may have started as a clash of egos, its impact on Lamar’s music has been nothing short of transformative. The streaming numbers for Lamar’s entire catalog have experienced a meteoric rise, with hits like “Money Trees,” “All The Stars,” and “LOVE” experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Even Lamar’s first number-one hit, “HUMBLE,” has seen a streaming boost, surpassing the 2 billion mark on Spotify alone.

Kendrick Lamar streaming boost
©️ Kendrick Lamar / Spotify

According to industry analysts, Lamar’s back catalog has seen a remarkable 50% surge in streaming boost. So, compared to the previous week, it is a testament to the appeal of his music in controversy. This surge in streaming numbers not only speaks to Lamar’s enduring popularity but also highlights the power of a well-publicized feud to reignite interest in an artist’s body of w/ork.

Kendrick Lamar’s Streaming Boost as a Result of the Feud?

As with any high-profile feud, reactions to the Lamar-Drake clash have been mixed. Some within the hip-hop community have hailed it as a return to the genre’s roots. It’s a true throwback to the days when rap battles were settled with words rather than weapons.

Among those who have voiced their support is veteran rapper Wyclef Jean, who sees it as a natural expression. According to Jean, “anything goes”, and Lamar and Drake are following in the footsteps of those before them.

What Lies Beyond the Feud

As streams boost and the feud shows no signs of stopping the feud, fans are left to wonder what the future holds. Will the two artists continue to escalate the feud to new heights? Or will they eventually reach a détente, putting an end to the drama once and for all? Time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake saga has captivated the music world. Like a few feuds before it, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of hip-hop history.

Drake security guard shot
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy & Champagnepapi / Instagram

In conclusion, Kendrick Lamar’s discography has experienced a monumental surge in streaming numbers following his highly publicized feud with Drake.

This surge was driven by Lamar’s interest in music and the unfolding drama. As the feud continues, fans watch as two of hip-hop’s brightest stars battle on the world stage.

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