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Kim Kardashian Says She Is Over the Taylor Swift Feud

By Orgesta Tolaj


26 April 2024

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Feud

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It seems that Kim Kardashian is ready to put one particular feud behind her. After years of back-and-forth with Taylor Swift, the reality TV star has recently stated that she is over the drama. The feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift dates back to 2016 when Kardashian released footage of a phone call between Swift and Kanye West discussing his song “Famous.” Since then, the two have exchanged jabs in interviews and on social media. Now, Kardashian’s statement suggests that she is ready to move on. But now, Kim Kardashian says she’s officially done with the Taylor Swift feud.

Kim Kardashian Is Over the Taylor Swift Feud

Kim Kardashian is urging Taylor Swift to let go of their long-standing feud, especially after Swift released a song seemingly targeting Kardashian on her latest album. A source close to Kardashian mentioned that she is tired of the drama and believes it’s time for Swift to move on. Kardashian does not understand why Swift continues to dwell on the issue, considering it has been years since their conflict began.

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Feud
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Swift pleasantly surprised her fans on Friday by dropping two albums, with one featuring a song apparently referencing her feud with the “Kardashians” star.

Taylor Swift Is Not Holding Back

In the song “thanK you aIMee,” Swift addresses dealing with a bully who ultimately made her stronger. She sings about not being able to forgive the way she was made to feel but also acknowledges the healing process. Interestingly, the capitalized letters in the title spell out Kardashian’s first name, which fans noticed quickly.

Reps for the Skkn founder, presumably Kim Kardashian, didn’t respond immediately to Page Six’s request for comment. The feud between Swift and Kardashian originated in 2016 when Kanye West mentioned Swift in his song “Famous.” Swift objected to being called a “bitch,” leading Kardashian to release an edited phone call between Swift and West.

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Feud
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The released recording suggested that Swift had pre-approved the lyrics. However, Swift countered, stating that West had only mentioned the “sex” line during their conversation. The intense public backlash prompted Swift to take a year-long hiatus before returning with her “Reputation” album. The complete recording of the conversation was leaked online in 2020. It confirmed that the rapper never informed Swift about referring to her as a “bitch” in the song.

What do you think? Should the Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift feud die down?

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