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Ladies Rejoice! A New Male Birth Control Pill Is On the Way

By Orgesta Tolaj


26 June 2024

male birth control pill

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Imagine a world where forgetting to take the birth control pill is not just a worry for women anymore. This could soon be part of men’s daily routine too!

A new male birth control pill is on the horizon, promising a game-changing shift in reproductive health. These are the latest advancements in male contraceptive research, the potential benefits and challenges of this revolutionary pill, and what it could mean for the future of family planning.

The New Male Birth Control Pill

Researchers in the UK have launched the first clinical trial for a non-hormonal male birth control pill. The pill is represented by Quotient Sciences in Nottingham. This trial, involving 16 British men, marks a pivotal advancement toward achieving gender-equitable contraception responsibility.

Male birth control pill
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YCT-529 is a non-hormonal male birth control pill undergoing clinical trials. It works by blocking access to vitamin A, which inhibits sperm production. Previous studies over 90 years have shown that depriving mice, rats, and monkeys of vitamin A can lead to infertility. This provided the foundation for this innovative method.

Why Is This a Groundbreaking Breakthrough?

The aim of this new pill is to give men the ability to prevent unintended pregnancies. It is also trying to shift away from the longstanding expectation that contraception is primarily the responsibility of women. Male contraceptive options currently include withdrawal, condoms, and vasectomy, whereas women have a wider range of choices including the pill, coil, contraceptive injection, and female condoms or diaphragms.

Pre-clinical studies by YourChoice Therapeutics, based in San Francisco and maker of YCT-529, indicate high effectiveness with claims of 99% efficacy and complete reversibility. The pill targets a specific protein. This offers a non-hormonal alternative and aims to make contraception more appealing and collaborative between partners, boasting no noticeable side effects.

What Did the Developer of the Male Birth Control Pill Have to Say?

Gunda Georg, regents professor at the University of Minnesota’s College of Pharmacy and developer of YCT-529, emphasized to Forbes the importance of introducing a male contraceptive, highlighting the over 60-year gap since the female birth control pill was developed. The hormone-free approach is aligned with ethical concerns, aiming to address the side effects women have faced from hormonal contraception over many years.

Male birth control pill
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According to Forbes, the clinical trial for YCT-529 is anticipated to conclude by this month. This pioneering effort has the potential to redefine societal norms around contraceptive responsibilities and expand options for family planning among couples.

Do you think the male birth control pill is necessary?

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