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Man Dies From Too Much Vitamin D. But, Is That Really Possible?

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 March 2024

man dies from vitamin d

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We all have heard at least once in our lives that vitamins are essential for our health. Vitamins are crucial for our well-being, and many people take supplements to ensure they are getting enough nutrients. However, can you actually overdose on them? Recently, a man died from consuming too much Vitamin D, sparking concerns about the safety of taking supplements. But, is it really possible to die from an excess of Vitamin D?

Man Dies From Vitamin D Supplements

An 89-year-old man in the UK named David Mitchener died from an overdose of Vitamin D supplements. He had high levels of Vitamin D and was suffering from hypercalcemia, a condition caused by excessive intake of Vitamin D leading to a build-up of calcium in the body. The supplements he was taking did not warn about the risks of excessive intake.

Man dies from Vitamin D
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Following the incident, local medical professionals are cautioning the public about the risks associated with the common supplement. The Surrey assistant coroner has issued a report urging regulatory bodies to mandate clear warnings on supplement packaging regarding the dangers of overconsumption.

Experts Now Are Issuing Warnings

Coroner Jonathan Stevens stated in his official report that there was no warning on or in the packaging regarding the specific risks or side effects of taking Vitamin D supplements. He emphasized the risk of future deaths unless action is taken. Stevens urged the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health and Social Care to request supplement manufacturers to include warnings on packaging. He highlighted that vitamin supplements can pose potentially serious risks and side effects when consumed excessively, noting that current food labeling requirements do not mandate the inclusion of these risks and side effects on packaging.

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The 89-year-old man who died from a Vitamin D overdose had the highest recorded levels of Vitamin D in his body, reaching 380, according to reports. Typically, medical experts recommend adults maintain a level of 30 for sufficiency, with a recommended dosage of 600 international units (IUs) for most adults. Exceeding this amount can lead to overdosage, as cautioned by the Mayo Clinic.

However, Vitamin D Wasn’t the Only Culprit

David Mitchener initially presented at the hospital with hypercalcemia or high calcium levels in his body. These are often caused by excessive intake. However, the coroner listed congestive heart failure, chronic kidney failure, hypercalcemia, and Ischemic Heart Disease as contributing factors to his death. Despite other factors, the coroner emphasized the potential serious risks and side effects of excessive Vitamin D intake.

Remember, while supplements can be beneficial, it’s crucial to approach them with caution. Always consult healthcare professionals before starting any new regimen, and be mindful of dosage instructions.

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