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Man Saves Dog From Kangaroo After Vicious Attack

By Orgesta Tolaj


8 December 2023

man saves dog from kangaroo

© Ondrej Machart / Unsplash

Yeah, I am sure you love your pets. But, how far would you go to save your beloved pet? Would you save them from a kangaroo attack? Well, this guy did! Man saves dog from Kangaroo and the internet is stunned to see how he managed to control the situation. But, why did the kangaroo attack happened in the first place and what can you do if this happens to you as well? Here is everything that went down.

Man Saves Dog From Kangaroo

An Australian ex-cop and martial arts enthusiast, Mick Moloney, engaged in a bizarre encounter captured on video where he allegedly punched a 7-foot tall kangaroo that was drowning his dog. The incident led to a wild interspecies brawl. The footage initially gained over 2.5 million views on TikTok before being taken down. The video has since resurfaced on Reddit. Moloney, a former police officer with training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, described seeing the kangaroo by the Murray River in Mildura, Victoria, with its arms in the water. This prompted the unusual confrontation as he sought to rescue his missing dog, Hutchy.

Mick Moloney noticed a change in his dogs’ behavior as they were unusually quiet and hesitant to venture into the river. This was a departure from their typical routine of frolicking in the water. This observation prompted Moloney to investigate, leading to the peculiar encounter with a kangaroo allegedly drowning one of his dogs.

How Did He Find Out About the Attack?

Shortly after observing the unusual behavior of his dogs, Mick Moloney discovered the reason behind it and located his missing dog, Hutchy. Looking at the river, he spotted a purportedly “7ft tall” kangaroo with its arms submerged in the water. Suddenly, Hutchy emerged from the water. He was gasping for air and screaming, prompting Moloney, a former cop, to take immediate action. He rescued his dog from the unexpected and potentially dangerous interspecies situation.

Man saves dog from Kangaroo attack
© milduramartialarts1 / TikTok

In a video filmed on Mick Moloney’s smartphone, the ex-cop is seen approaching a kangaroo holding his dog in the water. Moloney warns the marsupial, stating, “I’m going to punch your f–kin head in,” and instructs it to release his dog. When the kangaroo refuses, Moloney punches the animal, causing it to stagger back in apparent bewilderment. The video captures the unusual and confrontational interaction between the pet owner and the kangaroo.

The Kangaroo Fought Back After Man Saved Dog

During the altercation, the kangaroo seemingly retaliates by striking back with its clawed paws. He knocks Mick Moloney’s phone into the water. This causes the screen to go blurry and then black, resembling scenes from a found footage horror film. The interspecies scuffle continues in the dark until Moloney retrieves his phone. The footage then reveals his dog Hutchy safely on the river bank.

Man saves dog from Kangaroo attack
© milduramartialarts1 / TikTok

Despite Moloney’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills, he admits they were ineffective against the kangaroo, jokingly referring to the marsupial’s “mixed marsupial arts.” Both Moloney and his dog emerged largely unscathed from the encounter, with Moloney sustaining a few scratches and some discomfort in his forearm. The video concludes with the kangaroo maintaining a stern expression in the water as Moloney wades back to shore, amused by the absurdity of the situation.

How the Internet Reacted to the Kangaroo Attack

On Reddit, many users supported the kangaroo in the viral video, accusing the pet owner of allowing his dogs to chase the marsupial into the water. Critics argued that keeping the dogs under control could have prevented the entire situation, asserting that the kangaroo was rightfully defending itself. Some commented that the pet owner was fortunate the kangaroo didn’t harm the dog more severely.


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One user shared a personal experience of a kangaroo taking on two pig-hunting dogs, emphasizing the potential danger. An armchair wildlife expert suggested that retreating to water could be a survival instinct to escape predator attacks, indicating that the pet owner may have inadvertently saved his dog’s life by intervening. The comments generally pointed to the importance of responsible pet ownership and understanding wildlife behavior to avoid such confrontations.

Why Did the Kangaroo Drag Them Into the Water?

Kangaroos commonly use dragging predators into the water as a defense tactic, especially when feeling threatened. Kangaroo ecologist Graeme Coulson from the University of Melbourne explained that big male kangaroos can drown dogs by utilizing their strong arms and claws if the dogs swim toward them. Redditors noted that Mick Moloney and his dog were fortunate not to suffer more severe consequences, with some suggesting that Moloney should be grateful the kangaroo didn’t turn the tables on him.

Despite their whimsical appearance, kangaroos are formidable fighters. Standing up to 6ft7 inches tall and weighing nearly 200 pounds, they engage in combat using their forepaws for boxing and delivering powerful two-legged kicks while also showcasing skills resembling “roo-jitsu.” The cautionary tale underscores the importance of understanding and respecting wildlife to prevent potentially dangerous encounters.

Why Do Kangaroos Attack?

Kangaroos, generally known for their docile nature, have infrequent interactions with humans. However, their behavior can become unpredictable when they feel threatened or believe their territory is being encroached upon, whether by humans or other animals. In New South Wales (NSW), the incidence of people seeking treatment for kangaroo attacks is remarkably low, with fewer than five cases reported annually.

Kangaroos may resort to aggression for various reasons. One common trigger is perceiving a human as a threat or a potential sparring opponent, especially when they aim to protect their group or offspring. Additionally, kangaroos can lose their instinctive fear of humans, often due to early-life interactions involving feeding or handling by humans. The loss of this fear can contribute to an increased likelihood of confrontations.

Why Do They Attack Humans?

Environmental factors also play a role in kangaroo-human interactions. If a kangaroo finds itself in unfamiliar terrain or has recently moved habitats, it may be more prone to aggressive behavior. Natural disasters, such as droughts or fires, can force kangaroos out of their native habitats, pushing them closer to human-populated areas like roads and walking trails as they seek food and water.

When kangaroos do attack humans, their approach often mirrors their natural behavior in confrontations with other kangaroos. They typically use their paws to push or ‘grapple’ the perceived opponent to the ground. Understanding these triggers and behaviors is crucial for promoting coexistence between humans and kangaroos in shared environments.

What Can You Do if a Kangaroo Attacks You?

Prevention is key, and understanding kangaroo behavior, respecting their space, and avoiding actions that may be perceived as threatening can help minimize the risk of confrontations. To avoid threatening a kangaroo, follow these guidelines:

  1. Avoid walking directly towards the kangaroo.
  2. Refrain from standing up tall, staring, or holding your arms out towards a kangaroo.
  3. Steer clear of male kangaroos engaged in sparring, fighting, or displaying their size and strength to each other.
  4. Do not move between a female kangaroo and her joey.
  5. Keep your dog from approaching a kangaroo, as kangaroos may vigorously defend themselves against dogs, potentially leading to a hazardous situation.

What would you have done in this situation? Do you think you would have been able to fight back to save your pet?

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