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Matthew Perry’s Ex Wants Police to Re-investigate His Case

By Orgesta Tolaj


12 March 2024

Matthew Perry Ex death re-investigation

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It has been a while, but it seems like the “Friends” star, Matthew Perry, is not catching any breaks. The late actor’s cause of death is still being debated. Perry passed away in October 2023 allegedly due to “acute effects of ketamine.” Although it was deemed closed as an accident, one person is not ready to let go of the matter. Matthew Perry’s ex is now demanding that the police open his case and re-investigate. She is convinced that something doesn’t add up.

Who Is Matthew Perry’s Ex?

Kayti Edwards (who is also the granddaughter of Julie Andrews) dated Matthew Perry in 2006 and she was also his medical assistant in 2011 during his peak drug addiction. Even after their breakup, they both remained friends, and Matthew even became friends with Kayti’s new husband, Walter, who was in recovery.

Matthew Perry Ex death re-investigation
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In an interview with The Mirror, Kayti expressed that she had many unanswered questions surrounding Perry’s passing. She mentioned that she had previously bought drugs for him. However, Edwards doubts that he purchased ketamine from the streets.

Why Does Matthew Perry’s Ex Want to Re-investigate His Death?

Kayti Edwards believes that the circumstances of Matthew Perry’s death require further investigation. The medical officer in LA specified that Perry was being legally prescribed infusions of ketamine to treat depression and anxiety. This would be in contrast to him buying crack or heroin on the street. Moreover, his last session was a week and a half before his death. Ketamine only stays in the system for three to four hours, so it is likely he got it elsewhere. Even though the LAPD closed the investigation, the source of the ketamine remains unknown.

Matthew Perry Ex
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Kayti suggests that authorities should scrutinize medical staff to find out if Perry had any arrangements with them to provide him with ketamine outside of prescribed treatments. She had previously told the Mirror:

“It needs to be looked at again. I know when Matthew was taking 40 to 50 Vicodin in a day, he was getting it from a nurse who would bring it to his house. He had a way of enabling people to do things for him, saying ‘I’ll give you this amount of money if you keep your mouth shut and get me this.'”

She continued:

He made it so hard to say no. He was like ‘Kayti, can you run down and pick up this envelope for me, I’ll give you $5,000.’ It was hard to say no to that. It’s why I want people to investigate medical staff to see if he had a deal with any of them to give him some ketamine on the side.

Matthew Perry’s Ex Even Asked for an Oscars Tribute

Kayti Edwards is now advocating for Matthew Perry to be remembered at the Oscars’ “In Memoriam” segment. She previously recalled that Perry expressed a desire for recognition beyond his role in “Friends.” He felt overlooked for awards personally. Edwards believes that honoring him at the Oscars would hold significant meaning for him.

Matthew Perry Ex
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Matthew Perry was notably absent from the BAFTAs’ memorial list. This prompted viewer backlash. BAFTA executives confirmed that he would be honored at the awards in May instead. Kayti Edwards reflects on his career aspirations beyond comedic roles.

Matthew Perry became famous as Chandler Bing in the hit series, earning $1 million (£780,000) per episode. Despite his success, he struggled with addiction, revealing in his memoir that he spent $9 million (£7.1m) on 15 rehab trips to get sober.

With speculation surrounding Matthew Perry’s death, do you think his case needs to be re-investigated?

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing or texting 988.

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