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Matthew Perry’s Instagram Hints – Fans Notice “Call for Help”

By Orgesta Tolaj


2 November 2023

Matthew Perry's Instagram Hints

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Seems like Matthew Perry’s death is getting even more intriguing. A video on the internet has emerged regarding the death of Friends star Matthew Perry. The video reveals that before his passing, Matthew Perry had shared multiple posts on his Instagram related to Batman, even featuring the bat signal in one of them. These have now been considered as Matthew Perry’s Instagram Hints towards his cause of death and people are looking into every post of his now. Here is what is going on.

Matthew Perry’s Instagram Hints Have Fans Speculating About His Death

On October 17, Matthew Perry, the late actor, posted a video on his social media showing Batman being played on three screens in a room. The caption of the video reads: “No need to worry, everybody; I’ve got the streets tonight.

Matthew Perry's Instagram Hints
© mattyperry4 / Instagram

Additionally, on October 19, Matthew Perry posted the bat signal on his social media with the caption, “Sleep well, everybody; I’ve got the city tonight, Mattman.

Matthew Perry's Instagram Hints

Then, on October 23, Matthew Perry shared a Halloween-themed pumpkin with a bat-shaped cutout on his social media and wrote, “Do you know what I mean?”.

Matthew Perry's Instagram Hints
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A TikTok User then posted an Instagram Reel and TikTok combining all of these posts into one. The post’s caption read:

Matthew Perry's Instagram Hints
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On the same day, Matthew Perry shared a video of a half-moon that resembled the iconic Bat-Signal seen in movies and cartoons when Gotham’s people need help. His caption for the post was, “Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? – I’m Mattman.” These are all posts that a TikTok user has added to his video, to explain that these are hints that lead to his cause of death.

Matthew Perry's Instagram Hints
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What the Comments Had to Say

Comments on his posts indicated that even his fans were concerned about his well-being and sensed that he might be going through something. However, these concerns went unnoticed at the time when he was still posting. Here are what some of them had to say:

“Are you okay? Should we send for help?”

“are you trying to give us a hint or something?”

“Are these posts a puzzle, Mattman?”

“What’s with the Batman obsession?”

“is this some kind of hint?!”

“You trying to tell us something?”

“His call for help. This is so sad.”

Matthew Perry’s Instagram Hints Explained

Before his death, Matthew Perry was reportedly “incredibly happy” and enjoying himself. The 54-year-old Friends star tragically passed away at his Los Angeles-area home, with the cause appearing to be drowning. In the days leading up to his death, Perry shared Instagram posts under the alias “Mattman,” expressing his enjoyment of warm water in a hot tub and referencing his love for Batman, particularly inspired by the 2022 movie “The Batman.” He also posted about mental health awareness.

The Batman Symbol

Matthew Perry's Instagram Hints
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Perry’s fondness for Batman was well-known, as he even wrote about it in his memoir, and he encouraged readers to be prepared for important moments, suggesting they ask themselves, “What would Batman do?“.

Do you think these Instagram posts are linked to Matthew Perry’s death? Or, are they simply just coincidences?

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