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Men Hide in Bathrooms to Avoid Their Families, According to Study

By Albulena Murturi


22 January 2024

bathroom refuge

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Ever wonder why dads disappear into the bathroom for what seems like forever? Turns out, there’s more to this daily ritual than meets the eye. Researcher Helena Linsky designed a cool study trying to find out how much time men spent refuging in the bathroom. The study answers questions like: Why do men do this? Do women do this too? Who are the primary disruptors of these bathroom sanctuaries? These are some surprising findings that you could use as an argument against your spouse. Continue reading to find out!

Bathroom Refuge Study

In a cool study by Pebble Grey, researchers uncovered that British dads spend around 7 hours each year in their bathrooms, seeking a break from the chaos of family life. The findings showcased that 25% of men admitted they wouldn’t know how to cope with the stresses of home life without their bathroom escapes, while 23% identified the bathroom as their “safe place.” One-third of the surveyed men confessed to using the bathroom for moments of “quiet time” and to avoid family-related pressures.

bathroom refuge
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Linsky noted the importance of having a personal space for introspection, stating, “We all need a little bit of time to ourselves — to take stock or switch off completely, and the bathroom appears to be the go-to place for those moments.” The study highlighted that the bathroom serves as a haven for men to evade chores, enjoy uninterrupted phone time, and, as the survey suggests, escape familial pressures. In other words, running away from responsibility. “Typical men!”

For some, the bathroom is not only a retreat but also a storage space for items like magazines, books, and even snacks. Hence 14% admitted to stashing away provisions for their private moments of seclusion. Although men cherish the bathroom as their haven, 44% confessed that their partners were still responsible for the majority of bathroom cleaning duties.

What About Women?

Despite the apparent frequency of men seeking refuge in the bathroom, Pebble Grey reported that women are the primary maintainers of bathroom cleanliness, with 72% taking charge of regular cleaning duties. However, 20% admitted to using the bathroom as an escape.

In a parallel survey involving 1,000 women, more than one-fifth identified the bathroom as their escape haven, underscoring its universal appeal as a place for much-needed peace.

bathroom refuge
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Trouble in Paradise

Surprisingly, 10% of households have instituted a “do not disturb” policy regarding bathroom time, yet 85% of these rule-setters still experience interruptions. Linsky commented on the lack of commitment to the sacred bathroom rule, stating, “Apparently some things aren’t sacred anymore — including being left alone to use the bathroom.” She expressed disappointment that few people respect the hallowed ground which is the bathroom.

Further insights from the survey revealed that partners were the primary disruptors of bathroom refuge, with 45% of respondents finding it challenging to secure any time to themselves. A quarter claimed their partners did not fully grasp the busyness of their lives. Intriguingly, a quarter of men declared that if they couldn’t escape to the bathroom occasionally, they wouldn’t know how to cope.

In summary, the bathroom, often overlooked as a simple functional space, emerges as a surprising sanctuary for both men and women seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of family life. Whether for a moment of quiet reflection or a brief escape from responsibilities, the bathroom has become an unexpected haven for many, despite the challenges of maintaining its sanctity.

Does your partner spend too much time in the bathroom? Tell us in the comments below!

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