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Did They Lie? – The Michael Oher Adoption Controversy

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 August 2023

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Former NFL player Michael Oher, whose life inspired the movie “The Blind Side”, has filed a petition in a Tennessee court to terminate the conservatorship held by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy over him. Oher alleges that the Tuohys, who had initially stated they would adopt him, established a conservatorship instead, which resulted in them withholding millions of dollars from him.

The Tuohys’ lawyer has refrained from commenting and is expected to issue a statement later. Read on to find out more about the current Michael Oher adoption controversy.

The Current Issue

Sean Tuohy expressed his family’s distress, emphasizing that they love Oher just as much at his current age of 37 as they did when he was 16. Oher’s court petition demands that the Tuohys explain their failure to fulfill their responsibilities of providing regular financial accountings and acting in Oher’s best interest.

Oher’s background involves becoming a ward of the state of Tennessee at 11 years old in 1996, subsequently facing homelessness. He gained access to education and football through the help of a friend’s father, which ultimately led him to stay with the Tuohy family during his junior year of high school. The petition claims that the Tuohys perceived Oher not just as a young person in need, but also as someone whose athletic potential could be exploited for their own gain.

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The Adoption Controversy

The Tuohys, who didn’t pursue legal custody of Michael Oher through Juvenile Court, welcomed him to stay at their home more frequently and accompanied him on shopping trips. After Oher turned 18 but remained a student in July 2004, they invited him to live with them, expressing intentions of legally adopting him. Oher, believing their words, trusted them entirely and even referred to them as “Mom” and “Dad.” However, the Tuohys had him sign papers that he thought were for adoption but were actually for a conservatorship, which granted them considerable control over his contracts and financial matters.

Despite the Tuohys’ claims of adopting him, they misrepresented themselves and secured financial deals related to Oher’s life story. This even included the movie “The Blind Side.” Oher’s signature on certain contracts, including one where he seemingly renounced rights without compensation, raises concerns about forgery. The petition accuses the Tuohys of using the false adoption narrative to gain financial advantages and requests them to provide an accurate accounting of the money owed to Oher.

In a world where appearances can be deceiving and trust is put to the ultimate test, the journey of this NFL star’s alleged adoption takes an unexpected turn. As the layers of truth and deception are peeled away, the final chapter of this captivating narrative reveals a tale of twists, turns, and life-altering choices. Brace yourselves and definitely do not trust everyone around you!

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