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Microchip Extends Phone Battery Life: One Month, No Charging!

By Orgesta Tolaj


26 October 2023

Microchip Extends Phone Battery Life

©️ Photo by Sahand Babali / Unsplash

With the recent launch of the iPhone 15, many people have been complaining about a lower battery life. Whether it is a huge system update, or simply a hardware issue, a phone’s battery life is the number one concern of smartphone users. It does not matter if it is for emergency issues, or for other purposes, the depleting phone battery life is a major point of discussion in the tech industry. However, there is some good news about it. Researchers from Cambridge University, are planning a new microchip that extends phone battery life. The best thing about it? It can allow your phone to last for over a month, with no charging! Here is the entire story.

The Story Behind the Microchip That Extends Phone Battery Life

Tech minister Paul Scully has declared that semiconductors are fundamental to the modern world, with applications ranging from electric cars to healthcare. To support innovative startups in this field, he has unveiled a £1.3 million, two-year mentoring program aimed at revolutionizing British lives. Notably, one of the participants is MintNeuro, a company responsible for a minuscule brain implant, the size of a peppercorn, designed to aid patients with conditions like Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

Additionally, Vaire’s microchip, which has the potential to enhance smartphone battery life, is the result of collaborative work by a group of mathematics researchers at Cambridge University.

The Team Behind It

Vaire, a commercial venture affiliated with a renowned university, is receiving backing from the UK government. Additionally, they are receiving help from more than a dozen other semiconductor startups. The goal? To position the UK at the forefront of the technology industry. The Ministry of Tech, represented by Paul Scully, has emphasized the pivotal role of semiconductors. He describes them as the “bedrock” of the modern world. This recognition underscores the importance of semiconductor technology in our contemporary society, as highlighted in a government press release.

Microchip Extends Phone Battery Life
© Brian Kostiuk / Unsplash

The microchip being developed at Cambridge, however, stands out as a project led by a team of exceptionally talented mathematics researchers. The core concept revolves around the creation of a silicon chip processor that operates with nearly zero energy consumption. If successful, this innovation could reduce the demand for more advanced battery technologies. Additionally, it can potentially result in improved battery life for smartphones and other electronic devices. This breakthrough promises not only enhanced energy efficiency but also a positive impact on the overall user experience in our increasingly interconnected and technology-dependent world.

There Were Similar Devices Before

Traditional devices like cochlear implants for the hearing-impaired and deep brain stimulators for Parkinson’s patients have been in use for many years. However, the technology behind these devices has seen limited advancement. They involve a lengthy wire beneath the skin. This wire connects to a circuit board and a battery encased in a bulky metal casing about the size of a matchbox. MintNeuro’s innovative chip, on the other hand, offers wireless communication. Moreover, it is designed to remain safely implanted in the brain for decades. This approach minimizes the invasiveness of the surgical process, making it a more viable option.

Concerns about China’s dominance in the semiconductor industry prompted the UK government to invest £1 billion over the next decade in the country’s own chip sector. This signals a commitment to bolstering the nation’s technology capabilities and competitiveness.

Would you insert this microchip to extend your phone’s battery life?

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