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Most Iconic Kardashian Clapbacks We Can’t Stop Thinking About!

By Orgesta Tolaj


2 May 2024

kardashian clapbacks

© kardashians / Instagram

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are known for their bold personalities and ability to shut down haters with epic clapbacks. From social media feuds to on-screen drama, the famous family has delivered some of the most iconic comebacks in pop culture history. Let’s explore some of the most memorable Kardashian clapbacks that left us all speechless. Are you ready? Well, grab your popcorn and get ready to witness the sassiest moments from the reality TV royalty!

What Are Some of the Best Kardashian Clapbacks?

Over 19 seasons, we’ve watched the Kardashian-Jenner family navigate highs and lows on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” from iconic moments like the earring scene to the birth of “You’re doing amazing sweetie.” Despite 2020’s challenges, Kim Kardashian announced the end of the show after 13 dramatic years, leaving fans reaching for tissues.

Among the Kardashian-Jenner family’s countless iconic moments, their killer comebacks stand out. From shutting down haters on Instagram to engaging in sisterly banter, their wit is almost as renowned as their beauty products and curves. As we (sadly) anticipate the final season of KUWTK, we have been scouring our feeds for the top Kardashian clapbacks. These are our picks:

1. Kendall’s “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”

2. When Kim Shut Down Haters on Twitter

Kardashian clapbacks
© KimKardashian / X

And again when Kim faced mom-shaming for sharing a pic of North with groomed brows, prompting her to respond with a comedic clapback.

© KimKardashian / X

And once more, when Kim, known for her petty prowess, struck once more with a notorious tweet, throwing shade at her haters.

Kardashian clapbacks
© KimKardashian / X

3. When Kylie Jenner Gave Us This Iconic Clapback

Kardashian clapbacks
© KylieJenner / X

4. When Khloe Jokingly Shut Down a Person’s “Compliment”

Kardashian clapbacks
© khloekardashian / Instagram

5. Kim’s “You’re the Least Interesting to Look At”

6. When Kourtney Gave Us the Most Iconic Line of All Time

Next on our list of iconic Kardashian clapbacks is Kourtney’s ‘loving’ words towards haters:

kourtney clapbacks
© E!

7. And that time Kourtney Shut Down Mom-Shamers

kourtney clapbacks
© kourtneykardash / Instagram

8. The Entire Kylie Vs. Most Liked Egg on Instagram Ordeal

Ending our list with our favorite Kardashian clapbacks is a Jenner! In January 2019, after an egg photo surpassed Kylie’s Instagram record, she responded with a meme and a video of herself cracking an egg, captioning it “Take that little egg.” The entire point of the egg was to be pointless and show that they can amass a higher following and like count than Kylie Jenner.

kylie jenner vs egg
© kyliejenner / Snapchat

What are some of your favorite Kardashian clapbacks?

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