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No Need for the Lottery! Teen Wins Car From Woman’s Last Wish

By Orgesta Tolaj


8 November 2023

Woman’s Last Wish

© Michael Kelly & Gabrielle Bonham

Diane Sweeney, a woman from Oklahoma who passed away at 68, had a unique final wish. She wanted her 2016 Volkswagen Beetle to be given away in a raffle at her funeral. After she passed away unexpectedly, her family made sure to make her wish come true. During the funeral, a random teenage girl was picked as the lucky person to take home the cute white Volkswagen Beetle. It was a surprising and heartwarming end to the ceremony. Diane’s wish was granted, and her car got a new owner! This is their full story.

Woman’s Last Wish Was to Giveaway Her Car at Her Funeral

Diane’s funeral was a remarkable event that brought together a diverse group of attendees. It included not only friends and family but also numerous strangers. The unexpected presence of dozens of people made the funeral service an extraordinary gathering of individuals from all walks of life. Amid this crowd, was 16-year-old Gabriella Bonham from El Reno, Oklahoma. She was a stranger to Diane and her family. However, she emerged as the fortunate winner of Diane’s 2016 Volkswagen Beetle during the raffle.

Diane’s niece, Suzanne Singleterry, shared her excitement about the unique way her aunt’s memory was being honored. She noted that this raffle was in perfect accordance with Diane’s wishes. It was heartening to see people from various backgrounds, spanning different ages and races, come together to commemorate her aunt’s life. Some attendees were drawn to the event because they had heard about Diane’s story. Additionally, they found themselves needing a car. This made the occasion all the more meaningful and memorable. Diane’s final wish had brought together a community of strangers and friends, ensuring her memory lived on heartwarmingly.

The Woman’s Last Wish Winner Announcement

Diane had planned her funeral and had a clear vision of her dying wish, but her passing on July 7, 2022, was sudden and unexpected. Her “Celebration of Life service” was held at Resthaven Funeral Hospital on July 22, followed by a graveside service at Clinton Elementary.

Following the raffle at Diane Sweeney’s funeral, the family called the fortunate winner, 16-year-old Gabriella Bonham, to inform her that she had won the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle. Overjoyed, Bonham expressed her amazement and gratitude, saying, “This is crazy! Thank you guys so much!”

Woman’s Last Wish was to giveaway car at her funeral
© Gabrielle Bonham

Gabriella had always dreamed of owning a VW Beetle, and her win couldn’t have come at a better time. She explained that her current car, a hand-me-down, had some issues, and she had been trying to find a way to get a new car. Winning Diane’s car was an unexpected answer to her prayers.

Did They Know Each Other Beforehand?

Gabriella Bonham first learned about Diane Sweeney’s dying wish from a news story on KFOR, and it inspired her to attend the stranger’s funeral. She even convinced some of her family members to accompany her to the ceremony. Gabriella expressed her admiration for Diane’s generous spirit and gratitude toward her family for carrying out her wishes.

Woman’s Last Wish was to giveaway car at her funeral

Online, a tribute wall was set up for Diane, where many people, including those who had attended her funeral as strangers, shared touching anecdotes and stories about her. They felt a strong connection to her and her energy during the service.

What do you think of Diane’s wish? Do you think this woman’s last wish was a good idea, or should she have given the car to someone in her family? Let us know in the comments below!

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