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New Trendy Quiet Luxury Street Style Looks

By Orgesta Tolaj


28 August 2023

Quiet Luxury Street Style

Who knew “quiet” and “luxury” could go so well together? While “luxury” as we know it, with wealth, gold, and designer brands is still present in some people, “quiet luxury” is just as the name suggests, a minimalistic showcase of wealth.

The trick, however, is to balance it out. You will still need to exude wealth and luxury while pairing basic items that show you do not need boujee clothing to look rich.

What Is Quiet Luxury?

“Quiet luxury,” also known as “stealth wealth,” “old money aesthetic,” or “silent luxury,” is a recurring fashion trend centered around investing in high-quality minimalist pieces that have enduring appeal. It celebrates subtlety and restraint in fashion, emphasizing timeless, sophisticated style over conspicuous displays of wealth.

This concept has historical roots dating back to the Renaissance when wealthy Italians commissioned personalized, logo-free garments and accessories crafted by fine artists and craftsmen, featuring fine fabrics, intricate details, and subtle embellishments meant to last a lifetime.

What Are Some Quiet Luxury Street Style Looks?

In recent times, quiet luxury gained global prominence through designer labels like Bottega Veneta, The Row, JW Anderson, Brunello Cucinelli, and Ermenegildo Zegna. These brands create exclusive, understated collections catering to discerning clients who appreciate the understated elegance of quality pieces over flashy logos and branding.

The poster girl for the quiet luxury aesthetic is definitely Sofia Richie. The model, who gained immense popularity for her breathtaking wedding and dress choices, has made her name with a new fashion wave as well.

sofia richie outfits
© sofiarichiegrainge / Instagram

Sofia Richie is known for some of the best quiet luxury street style looks as she pairs classic tees, with jeans, and even an occasional vest or jacket on top. One thing is for sure, she is no stranger to classic designer shoes and bags!

That is definitely not all. Richie also pairs daring tops with low-rise skirts as well! The number one thing she makes sure of is to combine the colors in her outfits. When it comes to shoes, the model pairs her outfits with ballet flats or a stunning loafer.

sofica richie outfits
© sofiarichiegrainge / Instagram

Besides Richie, other Instagram influencers and models have already hopped onto the trend as well. From Kayeanne Picache, and Lorna Luxe, to Patricia Henson, the girls are ready to show you you don’t need branding and logo tees to show off luxury.

What do you think of these quiet luxury street-style outfits? Are there any you would try? Let us know down below!

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