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Nicki Minaj’s Amsterdam Arrest on Purpose or Not?

By Medina Syla


29 May 2024

Nicki Minaj arrested Amsterdam

Nicki Minaj’s electrifying Pink Friday 2 World Tour faced a shocking detour this weekend. The rapper’s arrest at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on suspicion of carrying soft drugs sent social media into a frenzy and left fans in Manchester fuming.

Nicki Minaj is currently reigning supreme on the road with her “Pink Friday 2 World Tour.” Launched in March 2024, it brings the vibrant world of her latest album, “Pink Friday 2 (Gag City Deluxe),” to life.

Fans are raving about the high-octane production, complete with robot dancers, elaborate costume changes, and a stage set inspired by the album’s futuristic, pink metropolis theme.

Detained During Luggage Check

On May 25th, during a routine luggage check, Dutch authorities detained Minaj. While official reports haven’t revealed the specific substance, she was fined and eventually released after a brief interrogation.

Minaj, the social media queen, documented parts of the encounter, expressing disbelief and frustration. She vehemently denied the allegations, claiming the cannabis belonged to her security guard.

Nicki Minaj’s Amsterdam Arrest Missed Concert and Fan Frustration

This airport drama had a ripple effect. Minaj was slated to perform that very night at the Co-op Live arena in Manchester. Unfortunately, the delay caused by the arrest forced a last-minute postponement, leaving a crowd of roughly 20,000 fans disappointed.

Social media became a battleground of emotions. Many fans expressed anger and frustration at the cancellation, with some criticizing the lack of notice. Others defended Minaj, placing blame on the authorities for the disruption.

Minaj wasn’t holding back on social media either. She fired off a series of posts alleging the incident was a deliberate attempt to “sabotage” her tour. She hinted at jealousy and financial disputes with unnamed parties as the potential motives. Minaj also teased possessing video evidence of the encounter and vowed to involve lawyers, hinting at a potential legal battle.

Nicki Minaj’s Amsterdam Arrest Led to Rescheduled Show

Despite the turbulence, Minaj reassured dedicated fans. She offered her sincerest apologies and promised to reschedule the Manchester concert. As a token of appreciation for their patience, she even hinted at an “added bonus” for those who held onto their original tickets. The tour will continue its journey, with upcoming stops in Birmingham, London, and Glasgow.

Nicki Minaj arrested Amsterdam
©️ Nicki Minaj / X

Nicki Minaj actually doesn’t have a past arrest in the traditional sense. In 2019, she was detained at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on suspicion of carrying illegal drugs. Dutch authorities reported finding “soft drugs” in her luggage, which are likely cannabis products since recreational marijuana use is legal in the Netherlands. However, exporting these substances is prohibited.

©️ Nicki Minaj / X

Nicki Minaj was eventually fined and released, but the incident caused her to miss a scheduled concert in Manchester, England. The late cancellation frustrated fans who had already arrived at the venue. Minaj apologized to them on social media and attempted to reschedule the show.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of international travel regulations, particularly concerning cannabis use. While Dutch law tolerates possession of small amounts, exporting these substances remains illegal. The case also highlights the power of social media. By directly connecting with fans and sharing her experience, Minaj shaped public perception of the events, turning a potential PR nightmare into a story of resilience and fan loyalty.

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