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Is It Official? Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is the Next James Bond

By Orgesta Tolaj


20 March 2024

Aaron Taylor-Johnson next James Bond

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The name’s Taylor-Johnson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. After much speculation and anticipation, it has finally been announced that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be the next actor to take on the iconic role of James Bond. With his charm, charisma, and acting skills, many are already predicting that he will bring a fresh and exciting new take to the legendary character.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is the Next James Bond

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for roles in “Kick-Ass” and “Nowhere Boy,” is reportedly in line to portray James Bond in future films. The 33-year-old British actor has been a rumored contender for the role since Daniel Craig’s departure. According to The Sun, Eon Productions has offered Taylor-Johnson the role, and he is expected to sign the contract soon.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson next James Bond
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Filming is projected to commence this year at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Taylor-Johnson remains the frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, according to Ladbrokes. This places him ahead of contenders such as Henry Cavill, Damson Idris, and Cosmo Jarvis. However, the odds are in his favor despite competition from these actors. Alex Apati from Ladbrokes commented that there has been significant interest in Cosmo Jarvis lately. This would make him a serious contender to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Accomplishments So Far

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has recently completed filming for the Marvel superhero film “Kraven The Hunter”. In the movie, he portrays the title character and a Spider-Man villain. Additionally, he is lined up to star in “The Fall Guy” alongside Ryan Gosling. In response to questions about the James Bond role, Taylor-Johnson expressed gratitude for the consideration. He sees it as a flattering compliment.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson next James Bond
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has notable roles in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” and “Nocturnal Animals.” He is married to Sam Taylor-Johnson, who is over 20 years older than him, and they have two daughters together. They met on the set of “Nowhere Boy,” a film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

What Did His Predecessors Have to Say?

Rory Kinnear, who has appeared in the last four James Bond films as MI6 chief of staff Bill Tanner, and young Bond author Charlie Higson, have both dismissed the notion of a “front-runner” for the role of Bond being the one who ultimately secures it. Kinnear expressed sympathy for those highlighted as potential candidates, noting that the true choice tends to remain undisclosed by Eon Productions.

Charlie Higson, author of the Young Bond series and also an actor, stated to PA news agency in May 2023 that if an actor is merely “considered” for the role of James Bond, it likely means they have been rejected. He highlighted Eon Productions’ tendency to keep their casting decisions secret, citing the surprise choice of Daniel Craig as an example. Higson emphasized that Eon often surprises people with their selections, as was the case with Craig.

Are you excited to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the next James Bond?

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