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Why Are These Parents Smashing Eggs on Their Kids’ Heads?

By Orgesta Tolaj


29 August 2023

woman in white sweater holding blue egg

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TikTok is definitely no stranger to cringy, funny, or just plain-out weird content. However, what happens when a harmless video is not as harmless as one might think it is?

Well, buckle up everyone! The newest viral TikTok trend is dealing with… parents smashing eggs on their kids’ heads.

The Egg Smashing Videos Explained

Many of the videos posted online, are tagged with #eggprank. They usually depict a parent and their child cooking or baking in the kitchen. However, the issue arises once the parent picks up a raw egg and explains to the child that they will crack it. Instead of cracking it in a bowl or a counter, the egg is then cracked on the child’s head.

The way the children react after an egg is cracked on their heads definitely varies from video to video. However, you can see many of them being upset, shocked, or even crying. As of writing this, the #eggprank hashtag has almost 700 million views.

child holding two eggs in front of eyes
© Hannah Tasker / Unsplash

The parents who post the videos initially shared them as a fun prank towards their children. However, many people have commented and stitched the original videos, expressing their concerns and describing how this situation can be humiliating or hurtful to children.

The Issue Behind This Viral TikTok Trend

Although the videos do seem harmless at first, there is an underlying issue surrounding this matter. Medical experts are saying that parents should not be considering smashing eggs on their kids’ heads as a laughing matter. The main issue is the harmful effects the egg breaking can have on the children and their heads.

Some of them clarified that although the parents do not want to post anything malicious, the prank itself can have long-term effects on their children. The main issues could be bruising as well as germs that can come from the egg itself.

Meghan Martin, a pediatric emergency medical physician, said: “I was not a big fan of this at all. This is not something that benefits kids in any way, and I honestly don’t find it entertaining”.


I know as parents you never want to harm your child. This post is meant to educate, for wny parwnts who were wanting to try this, or tor parents who already did this rrend and fan go back wnd have a conversation with their child about what happened. ••• Toddlers brains at this age don’t yet fully comprehend jokes like this and although they may laugh… their brain is thinking “WHAT THE HECK?!” ••• Skip this trend parents, it’ll save you in the long run 🤍 #eggcrackchallenge #eggcrackprank #eggcrackreaction #emotionalintelligence #raisingconfidentchildren #raisingkids #donttrythisathome #pediatricot

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Dr. Martin specifically mentions that parents need to be even more careful when it comes to adding egg yolk to their children’s faces.

“We’re literally smacking salmonella on their foreheads. It’s harder to get a toddler to drink fluids when they’ve got a stomach bug or food poisoning, and so they’re more likely to end up in the hospital for IV fluids.”

What do you think of the situation? Is it really just a harmful prank between parents and their children, or is the laugh factor causing an issue? We would love to hear your opinions in the comment section below!

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