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This Passenger Spent His Entire Flight Locked in the Toilet

By Orgesta Tolaj


23 May 2024

Passenger locked in toilet

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Talk about a bizarre flight experience! For one unlucky passenger, his entire flight was spent locked in the airplane’s toilet. Air travel can have its fair share of surprises, but being trapped in a tiny, confined space for the duration of a flight is certainly a unique and unsettling situation.

How did this happen, and what was the outcome for the passenger?

Passenger Locked in the Toilet

During a SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru, a male passenger was locked in the aircraft’s toilet for over an hour. Despite efforts by the cabin crew, he remained locked inside until engineers forcibly opened the door. This was only possible upon landing at Kempegowda International Airport. The passenger received an apology note slipped under the door, stating Sorry, we tried.”

locked in toilet
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How Did the Crew React After the Passenger Was Locked in the Toilet?

SpiceJet issued a statement acknowledging the incident where a passenger became trapped in the restroom during Flight SG-268 from Mumbai to Bengaluru. The passenger, seated at 14D, rushed to the restroom after takeoff but could not exit due to a malfunctioning door.

letter he received

Passengers and crew made unsuccessful attempts to open the door from outside to assist the trapped passenger. With the passenger feeling terrified, the crew slipped a message under the door advising him to remain calm. The note instructed him to close the commode lid, sit on it, and fasten himself until an engineer arrived after the main door was opened.

How Did He Get Out?

The engineer entered the aircraft upon landing in Bengaluru around 3:42 in the morning. He forcibly opened the door to rescue the trapped passenger. SpiceJet attributed the incident to an error in the door lock while the flight was airborne from Mumbai to Bengaluru on January 16th.

locked in toilet
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SpiceJet showed regrets for the inconvenience caused to the passenger who was trapped in the toilet during the flight. The passenger received immediate medical support after landing. SpiceJet then apologized for the incident and promised a full refund to the affected passenger.

Other Problems India’s Airlines Are Facing

The incident comes amidst a challenging period for India’s aviation industry. It was marked by numerous issues such as flight delays and cancellations. The situation has been exacerbated by dense fog caused by a cold wave affecting northern India, leading to disruptions in aircraft operations.

locked in toilet
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A video capturing a passenger assaulting the pilot of an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Goa went viral. The incident occurred following a delay of over ten hours. The altercation was reportedly sparked by frustration over delays, possibly influenced by a separate incident involving an Air India flight delayed for approximately 17 hours, during which passengers were seen having lunch on the runway.

What would you have done if you were the passenger locked in the toilet?

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