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Paul McCartney Finds His Stolen Bass Guitar After 50 Years!

By Orgesta Tolaj


22 February 2024

Paul McCartney Stolen Bass Guitar

© paulmccartney / Instagram

It’s a reunion that has been decades in the making. Paul McCartney has officially been reunited with his beloved stolen bass guitar! Fans of the legendary musician have been eagerly awaiting this moment, and the story behind the instrument’s disappearance and eventual return will tug at the heartstrings of The Beatles lovers everywhere!

The Story Behind Paul McCartney’s Stolen Bass Guitar

Paul McCartney purchased the bass guitar for around £30 ($37) in 1961 during The Beatles’ residency in Hamburg, Germany. This instrument, integral to their early success, was featured on their first two albums. It was also part of hits like “Love Me Do,” “Twist and Shout,” and “She Loves You.” McCartney, being left-handed, found the symmetrical design less awkward and grew fond of it. Rumors of its theft during the recording of “Let it Be” circulated, but its disappearance remained uncertain.

Paul McCartney Stolen Bass Guitar
© paulmccartney / Instagram

The search for the bass gained fame when journalist Scott Jones joined. He did so after noticing McCartney’s bass at the Glastonbury Festival in 2022. Moreover, seeing its significance and realizing it was missing, Jones embarked on a quest to find it. He believed The Beatles’ legacy would attract considerable attention to the search effort.

The Blissful Reunion

After a five-year search aided by a journalist couple, the manufacturer of the instrument successfully reunited Paul McCartney with his distinctive violin-shaped 1961 electric Höfner guitar. It had gone missing for fifty years. McCartney enlisted Höfner’s help in finding the valuable instrument. It was estimated to be worth £10 million ($12.6 million), which played a significant role in starting Beatlemania. Journalist Scott Jones collaborated with Höfner executive Nick Wass in the search effort.

Paul McCartney talked to Nick Wass, a Höfner executive, with a request to help locate his missing bass guitar. Additionally, this request sparked a determined effort by Wass to solve the mystery of the lost guitar, driven by McCartney’s emotional connection to it.

How the Stolen Bass Guitar Was Found

Journalists and researchers Scott and Naomi Jones collaborated with Höfner executive Nick Wass to publicize the search for McCartney’s stolen bass guitar. Despite initial setbacks, they relaunched their efforts, receiving a flood of emails within 48 hours. Moreover, sound engineer Ian Horne’s email provided a breakthrough, showing the bass had been stolen from his van in London in 1972. Further progress came when a person confessed their father had stolen the bass, which eventually ended up with Ron Guest, landlord of the Admiral Blake pub.

Paul McCartney Stolen Bass Guitar
© thebeatles / Instagram

Contact was made with the Guest’s family, who confirmed they had the instrument in their possession. After being passed down through generations, the bass was returned to McCartney in December, with authentication taking an additional two months.

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