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People Are Shocked to Hear Bianca Censori’s Real Voice

By Orgesta Tolaj


23 April 2024

bianca censori real voice

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Thanks to Kanye West, Bianca Censori has become a household name in the entertainment industry. She is known for her stunning yet controversial looks and being married to Ye himself. However, many people don’t realize that her real voice is a far cry from what we would expect someone with her looks to sound like. Did we pique your curiosity? This is Bianca Censori’s real voice.

Bianca Censori’s Voice Is Shocking Everyone

Resurfaced footage of Bianca Censori, who became Kanye West’s wife in late 2022, has surprised fans, revealing her as an Australian architect. Her recent fashion choices, often daring and unconventional, have intrigued the public. Kanye West announced in January that his wife would go “no pants” for the year, a trend she has embraced with bold fashion statements. However, this has raised concerns among some observers, including Censori’s family.

Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori covers up
©️ biancasensorii / Instagram

Few fans are familiar with details about the 29-year-old model beyond her connection to West. However, a recently resurfaced video clip from the CFS Summit in Paris in December 2022 has shed light on Censori’s voice. Subsequently, another video clip from the same year has emerged, offering additional insights into Censori and her professional endeavors.

What Is Bianca Censori Talking About in the Video?

The Maltese news outlet Lovin Malta posted the clip on social media on Sunday, March 31, identifying it as from a Zoom lecture where Censori was a guest speaker at the University of Malta in 2022, alongside another presenter. Censori’s presentation at the University of Malta focused on the topic of primitive futurism. She began the lecture with a quote from Alberto Caeiro: “To eat a fruit is to know its meaning.”

Bianca Censori real voice
© biancacensorii / Instagram

Censori, before starting her lecture, encouraged the audience to contemplate the quote she shared. Her Australian accent, which was new to some fans, was evident in the video.

Bianca Censori’s Real Voice

Here is what Bianca Censori actually sounds like:

The Internet Reacts

Fans expressed surprise on Instagram after hearing part of Censori’s lecture, with one stating they were “shocked” to hear her speak. Another commented in apparent surprise, “Oh she can speak.” Some fans also discussed Censori’s change in appearance since the 2022 lecture, with one noting her previous habit of wearing clothes. However, another defended her fashion choices, emphasizing her intelligence and intentionality in her decisions.

Were you shocked to hear Bianca Censori’s real voice?

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