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Rare Bright Pink Pigeon Was Seen in the UK

By Orgesta Tolaj


5 October 2023

Bright pink pigeon

© Newsquest, GMP

I guess we are not ready to let go of the Barbiecore dream just yet! Bury residents were met with a surprise as they were puzzled by the appearance of a bright pink pigeon in the town center. The bird, with its striking fuchsia-colored plumage, has been observed by numerous locals, sparking speculation about the origin of its unusual and eye-catching transformation. Even the Greater Manchester Police reported spotting the bird while on patrol in Bury’s town center.

The Bright Pink Pigeon Spotting

Residents are engaging in discussions, contemplating whether the enigmatic bird’s pink hue is a result of dyeing, an accidental encounter with a coloring substance, or a natural occurrence. Samantha Brown, aged 43, shared her observation, mentioning that she witnessed someone offering the pigeon a chip. She noted the curiosity surrounding the bird’s unusual coloration, with some suspecting it has been deliberately dyed, though the exact cause remains uncertain. In a similar incident in February, there was speculation that a pigeon rescued from a New York City park had been dyed pink for a gender reveal party.

The Police Comments

GMP (Greater Manchester Police) took to Facebook to comment on the sighting. The post read:

“Officers are out on foot patrol this afternoon as part of #OpHeartbeat. Officers quickly came across a rare pink pigeon in the town center.
Have you seen Bury’s Pink Pigeon yet? Let us know & come and say hi when you spot us.”

bright pink pigeon

The Internet Reacts to the Bright Pink Pigeon

The reason behind the pigeon’s vibrant pink color remains a mystery, prompting people to turn to X, formerly known as Twitter, to speculate and try to uncover the cause.

One X user playfully remarked, “Barbie marketing getting out of hand,”. While another excitedly commented, “Haha, my hometown is making headlines”. People have been discussing this all week on Facebook!” A third suggested humorously, “It’s been eating beetroot :)”

However, a more serious theory emerged, with one user speculating, “This might be from someone’s gender reveal party. They purchase these birds and have them painted blue or pink. This is done to match the baby’s gender before releasing them into the wild.”

The Issue with Pink Animals

A similar pink pigeon was spotted earlier this year in February at Madison Square Park in New York, USA. Moreover, the domestic pink pigeon, affectionately nicknamed Flamingo, was taken in by the nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation and education center, Wild Bird Fund, who suspected that the pigeon had been “intentionally dyed” for a gender reveal event.

Unfortunately, Flamingo passed away, with his death believed to have resulted from inhaling toxins from the dye. Wild Bird Fund shared on Facebook, “Flamingo’s story stirred strong emotions and garnered international interest. We hope that the tale of his all-too-brief life will discourage further acts of thoughtless cruelty.”

Now it is time to hear from you! What do you think of this bright pink pigeon? Are you a fan of its looks or will you stay with Team Flamingo for now? We would love to know about your opinions and thoughts in the comments below.

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